Viña Sevilla – Fiesta del Vino

vina sevilla (1)The Third Fiesta del Vinos, organised by Viña Sevilla, is a great opportunity to discover and learn about the wonderful world of Spanish wines. This edition will be held in creative-space Rompemoldes and will be a bit like a big street party where you can sample a wide selection of wines from different areas of Spain and also meet the winemakers. There will be various wine tastings, interactive workshops, along with homemade tapas and plenty of good music. Entrance is free but if you’d like to sign up for any of the workshops get in touch with Viña Sevilla as space for these events is limited.
vina sevilla (2)

Viña Sevilla – Fiesta del Vinos
Centro Rompemoldes
San Luís 70
Friday May 20th  7.00 pm – midnight
Saturday May 21st  12.00 pm – midnight

The Reluctant Feriante

more ferias

Since going to the Feria de Córdoba last year I seem to be turning into a bit of a feriante. Which is particularly odd as I don’t much like the massively famous (and massive) Feria de Abril here in Sevilla, though this year I ended up going twice – haven’t done that in years. I also haven’t been to the fabulous Feria del Caballo in Jerez for years – five to be exact – so I have booked off a couple of days next month to do that, in case I feel like staying overnight. And then I was told about the Feria de Primavera y Fiesta del Vino Fino in Puerto de Santa Maria, which started yesterday. So I think I’ll be popping over there on Sunday. But I’ll probably miss the Córdoba Feria this year as I want to go to the Patio Festival there, which finishes the week before. Ah well, can’t be everywhere. I have to say that I really prefer these much friendlier ferias with their casetas open to the public. And I like how the Feria in Málaga also takes to the streets and spills over to the centre of the city, though I haven’t actually been to the fairground there.  Maybe this summer. How many ferias have you been to in Spain?

A Night at the Opera

I’d been meaning to go to Sevilla de Ópera in the Arenal Market ever since I first heard about it from Claudio, owner of the Adriano Hotel, and was introduced to its organisers, opera baritone Luciano Miotto and producer Paco Oliva. Then last Saturday I was invited to the final show for this season (it starts up again in September).

Sevilla is often advertised as the “city of opera“, and is famous as the setting for operas by Bizet (Carmen), Rossini (The Barber of Seville), and Mozart (The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni).

Sevilla de Ópera put on a small show (the one we saw featured three singers and a pianist) that aims to make opera more accessible to the public. Their concept is based on a typical tablao de flamenco, a bit like dinner theatre, though you can also just go and have drinks. The difference here is that, although there is some basic scenery, there is no actual stage – or rather, the entire room is the stage – and the performers come and go using various entrances, interacting with the audience. I think it’s a great way for people to get a first taste of opera without feeling intimidated, and the market setting adds to its “everyman” appeal. But the quality of the performances ensures that well-seasoned opera lovers will enjoy it too.

Gianpero Ruggeri, Sachika Ito & Luciano Miotto

I’m not exactly an “opera buff” myself and wasn’t sure what to expect, but the show turned out to be hugely enjoyable, with scenes from the Mozart and Rossini operas and other songs (traditional Spanish and a couple of zarzuelas) performed with skill and gusto. And the encore, Rossini’s Duet for Two Cats, was delightful – a humorous piece with “meow” as the only lyric. Very frustratingly, my attempt to video it for posterity (and for my friend Sledpress) on my iPhone proved unsuccessful but Luciano told me I could find them performing it on YouTube. Enjoy…

Looking forward to the new season in September!

Sevilla de Ópera

IV Noches en el Palacio de la Buhaira

Theatre, music and dance under the light of the moon…

With over 30 shows through the summer until September, the fourth edition of Nights at the Buhaira Palace begin on June 21st with a concert featuring the winners of the municipal competition “Flamenco Joven”.

An easy walk from the centre of town, the Buhaira Palace is located on Eduarto Dato Avenue just a few minutes from the San Bernardo bridge (aka Puente de Bomberos). Built in 1171 by the caliph Abu Ya Qub Yusuf, the Buhaira Palace and its incredible gardens is still one of Sevilla’s “hidden gems”.

Normal ticket price is 12€ with reduced prices of 10€ for students and pensioners, and 8€ for groups of 15 or more.

Tickets can be purchased by telephone (902 021 952) Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 14.00 and at the theatre box office from 19.30 – 22.00 on the day of the show.

Palacio de la Buhaira
Corner Avdas Eduardo Dato & La Buhaira
21st June – 2nd September 2012
Shows start at 10.00 pm
Price: 12 euros

Programme PDF

Noches en Los Jardines del Real Alcázar

Tickets go on sale today for the 13th edition of night concerts in the gardens of the Alcazar Royal Palace. The concerts begin on Monday June 11th and range from medieval and classical music to flamenco, world folk, jazz and blues.

This year there will be 75 concerts and tickets for each week’s programme can be purchased from the beginning of the previous week at the palace ticket office in Patio de Banderas or online. Ticket prices are 4€ or 5€ if you book by internet, no more than 7 tickets can be purchased by one person (per concert) and children under 8 are not admitted.

The entrance for the concerts is the Puerta Alcoba on the Paseo de Catalina, just off calle San Fernando. They begin at 10.30 but you can go into the gardens from 9 o’clock and enjoy a stroll and a drink at the bar inside. Admittance is not allowed after 10.25.

If you’ve never seen the gardens lit up at night it’s worth the price of admission alone, and the concert setting is truly magical.

Noches en Los Jardines del Real Alcázar
June Programme
July Programme
August Programme