La Colmena Puertas Abiertas

la colmena
La Colmena Trianera, a great new initiative that brings local producers and consumers together, is celebrating two Open House days, full of activities and tasty food and drink. All activities are free and are located next to the Triana Bridge at Espacio Pescao Crudo (Paseo Nuestra Señora de la O, 26 – 41010 – Sevilla)

12:00 – Acercamiento a la apicultura (organizado por Manuel Falcón, apicultor)
13:00 – Taller de pan para peques* (organizado por Emilie de Pan Para Todos y Más)
13:00 – Cata de cervezas artesanas* (distintas marcas presentes en La Colmena Trianera: Libre, Debla, Destraperlo y Bandolera) e Hidromiel (Valhalla)
*(Son actividades simultáneas para que mamis y papis disfruten las cervecitas mientras los peques hacen pan)

18:00 – Cata-Colmena: degustación de productos de nuestras/os productoras/es
19:00 – Presentación e-book de Batidos Verdes (elaborado por Red Verde y Entreenate)
19:30 – Clase de Fitdance en el Paseo de la O (cn Entreenate)
20:00 – Taller de cocina con aloe vera (cómo prepararlo, con qué comerlo, etc. impartido por Pablo de Las Portadas y Alfonso de Vegaloe) en modalidad Showcooking
21:30 – Proyección del documental “Food Inc.” sobre la industria alimentaria

El Mercadillo Inglés

mercado inglesWhenever I wander down Calle Acetres on my way home I remember the time I had to find an old glass shop when years ago one of my windowpanes broke and my landlord wouldn’t replace it. Well today I passed by the old shop only to discover it was no longer there and the delightful high ceilinged space had been recently taken over by a colourful and chaotic emporium called El Mercadillo Inglés (so-called because a lot of its stock comes from the UK). I can’t even begin to list the variety of things you can find here, both first and second hand, but I think it’s safe to say there something for everybody.

I had a nice chat with co-owner Marta Nuñez, a Sevillana who used to live in England and who now runs the shop along with partners Patricia Toscano and Santiago Toscano. They also have a section offering fabrics from their other local business Entretelas. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift this looks like a good bet.

El Mercadillo Inglés
Acetres 8

La Abacería del Sur

abaceria del surco-owners Antonio M. Lebrero and Andres J. Guerrero

La Abacería del Sur, a little gourmet food shop tucked away in a quiet street just outside the main shopping district, has just celebrated its first anniversary. Founders Andres J. Guerrero and Antonio M. Lebrero were getting into the Christmas spirit today by giving a little cheese sampling outside the shop – and very nice cheeses they were too. As well an impressive range of exclusive cheeses you can find good selections of fine wines, canned fish, olive oils and, more surprisingly, a selection of English biscuits and preserves, including marmalades, from the Mrs Bridges range (named for the Upstairs, Downstairs housekeeper).

It’s a charming and well-maintained spot, a sign of the owners’ pride in their dream. Treat yourself by stopping by for a bit of fine food shopping. Ideal for unique and delicious Christmas hampers too.

La Abaceria del Sur
Calle Lagar 11
Tel: 609 049 022

Art & Gastronomy at La Libélula

la libelula

[click on image to enlarge]

This evening at 8.00 pm Art & Gastronomy week will begin at La Libélula, Sevilla’s first multi-functional art-fashion-decor-gourmet-lifestyle space. It promises to be a great opportunity to see the best works of artists Christopher Donaire, Barea Balcris and sculptor Chiqui Díaz (looking forward to seeing his dragonfly – libélula – sculpture), as well as enjoying a wide array of gourmet food and wines.

Throughout the week there will be various tastings: wine, cheese, olive oil, gin & tonic and coffee. Check the poster above for tasting times and prices. There is limited space available so if you’d like to attend you can reserve your place by email:

La Libélula
Cuna 45-49
Arte & Gastronomy
11 – 15 March

Viñafiel Gourmet Wine & Liquor Store

viña & licor[click on image to enlarge]

There’s a new wine shop in town! Viñafiel opened its doors this past Tuesday and it looks great, with a minimalist clean interior featuring wooden shelving and floors. Aside from an excellent selection of wines, there’s also a wide variety of gins, whiskys, etc and a small section of gourmet food items. Look for tastings and other events coming up soon. A nice addition to the Arenal neighbourhood.

Viñafiel Gourmet Wine & Liquor
Arfe 20
Tel 955 038 522
Open: 10.00 – 15.00 / 18.00 – 21.00 Monday to Friday
10.30 – 14.30 Saturday
Viñafiel Website

Alternatours Sevilla

sevilla alternatours

Introducing my new Alternatours Sevilla page.

One of the things my Sevilla Tapas Tour clients always ask me is what other tours or activities might be of interest to them while they are visiting Sevilla. Bear in mind that these are people who have already chosen a customised food and wine tour and are looking for the same sort of quality and personal attention. Over the years I’ve found a few that I can personally recommend with confidence, but I’m always on the look out for more. So I have started a new blog page where I can list these personal recommendations.

Tours, activities, gastronomy, shopping and entertainment. Places of interest.

If you’d like to be listed here get in touch and let me know about what you do.
Note: all tours and activities must be available in English.


Alternatours Sevilla

Roof Sevilla Pop Up Store

roof popup store
First pop-up restaurants, now pop-up stores! The Roof Sevilla Popup Store is an ambitious initiative by a group of young professionals in the fields of fine art, design and photography, combining fashion, decoration, food and art in one place. This five-day event not only gives designers a unique venue in which to display and sell their items, it also provides a meeting point for professionals in the fashion industry, artists, bloggers, media and the general public. The store will be distributed throughout the beautiful Casa Romana boutique hotel, in its patios, meeting areas and rooftop terrace.

Roof Sevilla Pop Up Store

Hotel Casa Romana
c/ Trajano 15
10 – 14 April
Hours: 12.30 – 21.00


rompemoldesYesterday I finally got over to visit Rompemoldes, which opened last November. It’s a bright modern space just off calle San Luís where local artists and artesans live and work, reminiscent of Sevilla’s old “corrales de vecinos”. The ground floor studios and shops open onto a large plant-filled patio, which is also used for special events such as concerts and workshops. Apartments are located on the first and second floors, some with rooftop terraces. I think it’s a great concept, having your workspace and home together, and also having like-minded neighbours. And the people I spoke to were all very enthusiastic about this new initiative.

There are general opening hours but individual studios may not always be open to the public. Some have shops to sell their art and crafts, others work strictly on commission. So each visit you can find something different.

There is going to be an “open house” weekend April 5-7 and I’m told that on Saturday the 6th most, if not all, of the studios will be open and there will be food & drink on offer too. Check the Rompemoldes Facebook Page for all upcoming events. You can also ask to be put on their emailing list to stay in the loop.

San Luís 70
10.00 – 14.00 / 17.00 – 20.00 Monday – Friday
10.00 – 14.00 Saturday

El Jueves Street Market

Go down to Calle Feria on a Thursday morning and you could be in for a big surprise, as a long section of the street and some side streets are taken over by the stalls of the El Jueves (Spanish for Thursday) market. Officially it’s an antiques market, but though you can find antiques here, the range of things on sale here is much wider and more eclectic. Ceramics, paintings and furniture jostle for attention with second hand books and toys, watches and accessories, CDs and recycled fixtures and fittings. Looking for a pepper mill to match your salt cellar? A lava lamp? A console for your old video-games? You just might find them here. If not, never mind, half the fun is in the browsing, or sitting in one of the local bars with a coffee and toast watching the bustle outside. And you never know when you’re going to stumble on that unmissable bargain or the perfect souvenir.

[click on images to enlarge]

El Jueves must be one of the oldest still-existing markets in Europe, dating back to the 13th century, just after the Christian reconquest of the city, and there are rumoured to be one or two items that have shown up every Thursday since then.