Encarnación market moved to its new location on the ground level of the Espacio Metropol Parasol just before Christmas, after nearly forty years in “temporary” accommodation following the demolition of the original market in 1973. That temporary market was the first one I discovered when I first moved to Seville in 1993, so I guess I had a bit of a sentimental attachment to it.

The purpose-built market hall is clean, light and airy, the individual stalls are well-designed, and there is a colourful and appetising range of meat, fish, and fresh fruit and veg on display, as well as two café/bars that use ingredients straight from the market. As it just a short walk from where I live it’s now my favourite place to go food shopping, though it took me awhile to be known and I soon learned to avoid the few vendors who make a habit of overcharging foreigners (which happens at every market in town). With new bars and shops filling the glass-walled exterior storefronts on the ground floor, it’s becoming quite a vibrant location and is developing a fresh new personality.