Tapas Route in Zona Calle Feria

feria de tapa

This weekend you can enjoy specially chosen tapas with a small beer for a set price of 3€ during the Ruta de la Tapa in Zona Calle Feria. Twenty bars are participating and you can also win a prize by voting for your favourite tapa. See the Calle Feria Facebook Page for details. It’s a fun (and economical) way of getting to know the tapas bars in this area.

feria tapas mapclick on map to enlarge



Sevilla Tapas Week

stw 2015It’s that time of year again – Sevilla Tapas Week!

From November 13 – 22 you can enjoy special tapas for a special price (3€ tapa + drink) at selected bars around town. You can also download the app to find the bars nearest you and follow the Sevilla Tapas Week Facebook page to participate and win prizes. Buen provecho!

The McDani Burger

GRAND MCEXTREM BIBOWaaayyyyy long ago, when I was about 17 years old, I heard about a brand new place called McDonald’s, which had just opened up in Winnipeg (my accidental place of birth). They were handing out coupons for a free burger and fries and so one day I cycled over to check it out. I went in, took a couple of bites, and never went back. Until today. Because my first response had been “this isn’t food!”. And for the record, I have never set foot in a Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut… as I had a pretty shrewd idea that it would just be the same non-food crap (though as a kid I did like going to A&W – do those still exist?).

Fast forward to 2015 and the very surprising announcement that 2-star Michelin chef Dani García was in cahoots with McDonald’s and producing something called the Grand McExtrem Bibo, for a limited time only. Described thusly: Between an exquisite pretzel bread, you can enjoy a double burger of 100% Extremeño beef, Batavia lettuce, crispy onions, queso Ibérico and a special “Dani sauce”.

How could I not be intrigued when Dani’s amazing bulltail burger totally won my heart back when he started his first gourmet tapas bar La Moraga in Málaga? Served on a soft brioche bun with melted havarti and au jus mayo it was heaven and even now I never feel like I’ve truly arrived in Málaga until I’ve had my first “burguer bull” and a glass of Botani, now available at Wendy Gamba. But I digress…

wendy gamba bbthe splendid Dani bulltail burger at Wendy Gamba in Málaga

So there I was today at the McDonald’s closest to my house in Sevilla (yes, sadly there is more than one) and I joined the throbbing crowd of mostly parents and young children clamouring to have their orders taken. I first thought that the Bibo was a bit pricy at 7.90€ but was told that it came with large fries and a big drink. So okay, I ordered it with a Big Beer and the burger was slapped onto my tray in mere seconds. It was a bit of a wait to get the fries and beer. I finally made my way over to where my fearless companion was saving a small space at one of the little ledges that line the walls at this place (even at the beginning of the lunch service the bins were over-flowing so we just had to stack left trays wherever we could).

bibo burgerAs you can see, the Bibo Burger in reality looks nothing like the promo pic above (surprise!). And if that is Batavia lettuce (whatever that is) then I’m the Queen of Sheba. It had obviously been sitting in the “warmer” for some time, hence the almost cooked lettuce and seriously slimy mayo (do not heat mayo guys, wtf is wrong with you?). So yeah, this did not work. On any level. Honestly Dani… why? Also, you owe me 7.90€  😉

Sevilla Tapas Week

seville tapas week

Today I was at the press conference announcing this year’s Sevilla Tapas Week, which will take place 6-16th November.

More than 160 bars and restaurants are participating (40 more than last year) and there will be three tapas categories: traditional, gourmet and “sabores de provincia” (not quite sure what that last one means).  People can try the special tapas on offer and then vote on line for their favourites using the SWT free app.

sevilla tapas week press conferencepress conference at El Rinconcillo, Sevilla’s oldest tapas bar

On Thursday and Friday (November 6-7th) you can check out the first Gastronomy & Networking event, being held at the Convento de San Agustín. Also make sure to download and follow the Sevilla Gastronomy Heritage Tapas Guide free app, which is a near and dear project that I helped create.

Sevilla Tapas Week
6 – 16th November

Seville Gastronomic Heritage Guide

sevill gastronomy heritage

Introduing Sevilla’s first Gastronomic Heritage Guide to tapas (and the best places to find them). The first printing of the guide is out and about and you can also download the free APP, which has both Spanish and English versions. It’s a perfect way for both locals and visitors to discover the diverse and delicious gastronomy of Sevilla, one bar at a time. Handy maps and recipes are also included in the APP.

“Establishments suggested come from a popular survey conducted by Tourism Board of City of Seville website between April 15 and September 15, 2013, as well as from a selection prepared by a technical commission of experts composed of Julio Fernández, Chef of the Michelin Star restaurant Abantal, Fernando Huidobro, president of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism, Javier Compás, wine tasting technician, journalist and gastronomic writer, Shawn Hennessey, best gastronomy Twitter 2013 and author of Sevilla Tapas gastronomy tours, and Paco Sánchez, historic bar-restaurant owner in town, former owner of Bar Giralda and Bar Estrella. As a rule, these establishments are limited to the traditional and touristic heart of the city, although some other establishments are also included beyond that area because of uniqueness, quality and tradition.”
~ Visita Sevilla

I am very pleased and proud to have had a part in the creation of this very special guide.

app sevillaDownload the APP at Visita Sevilla

La Cayejera – Sevilla’s First Foodtruck

la cayejera

Thanks to Cayetano Gómez, the slightly mad (in a good way!) creative force behind the quirkily kitsch Puratasca in Triana, Sevilla now has its first food truck. It’s been Cayetano’s dream – obsession? – for some time now to bring street food culture to the streets of Sevilla. Many may ask why bother as there are bars on pretty much every street and street corner as it is… but I think this idea has wheels (sorry!) if only to offer actual street-style food to the people of Sevilla.

La Cayejera (a play on words: Cayetano/Callejera) is a third-hand purchase that has been fitted out with a gas kitchen, and electrics that run off a separate generator. It’s an eye-catching bright blue truck festooned with cute catch phrases and also necessary info about what the concept is all about. There are 12 locations around Sevilla that will be chosen weekly, for either lunch or dinner, and these will be announced at the beginning of each week on the La Cayejera Facebook page and on Twitter. As well as the weekly schedule, La Cayejera is also available for private parties and events, which I think is a fantastic idea and one that is going to become very successful.

Check the La Cayejera FB Page for daily schedules and locations. On Twitter: @lacayejera

la cayejera rafa cayetanoco-owners Rafa and Cayetano in front of La Cayejera

Toro de Lidia 2014 Winners

winners toro de lidiaToday the winners of the Toro de Lidia 2014 competition were announced.
Congratulations everyone!

  • Best Tapa
    Vega 10
    Macarrón filled with Toro de Lidia tongue and vegetable sofrito
  • Best Gourmet Tapa
    A tie between:
    Stewed Toro de Lidia cheek with “Thai style” with red chillis & coconut milk
    El Giraldillo
    Toro de Lidia “false” solomillo over beetroot creme with yucca and yam chips

Toro de Lidia 2014


toro lidia 2014 poster

The second edition of the Lidia bull gastronomic days is on from April 24th until May 4th, with 19 local bars and restaurants participating. You can enjoy tapas based on the famous toro de Lidia meat for either 2.75€ (classic tapa) or 4.00€ (gourmet tapa) including a drink. The establishments will also be visited by a select panel of judges who will choose their top three.

 toro lidia 2014 participants

click on image to enlarge

Ruta de la Tapa – Zona Calle Feria


ruta de tapa calle feria

This is definitely something to keep in mind for this coming weekend. During the 25, 26 and 27th of April there will be a special tapas route in the Calle Feria area (comprising Feria, San Luís, Relator, and Correduría streets). More than 20 bars and restaurants will be participating with each one offering a special tapa for you to try with either a beer or soft drink for just 3€.

You can find a full listing of the participating bars and a map here… LaCalleFeria.com

Orange Day Winners

orange day winners
Yesterday the winners of the Orange Day Tapa Competition were officially announced. Prizes were given out at a presentation at the Alfonso XIII Hotel. Over 30 local bars and restaurants had participated and I was honoured to be one of the judges this year. There was also a special prize awarded based on public votes received on the Visita Sevilla website.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Naranja de Oro:

  • Restaurante Agredano. Chicken thighs in Sevilla orange sauce (70 points)
  • Taberna Chani. Presa tataki salad with orange salmorejo (70 points)

Naranja de Plata:

  • Puerto Delicia Bar. Mini foie magnum with Sevilla bitter orange crumble (68.5 points)

Naranja de Bronce:

  • Bar Europa. Marinated mackerel with Sevilla orange gelée. (62. 5 points)
  • Dmercao. Orange salmorejo with bacalao strips and leek textures. (62.25 points)

Premio especial del público:

  • Los Corales. Pork solomillo with raisins in bitter orange honey (11.76% online votes)
  • Robles Laredo. Cochinillo a la naranja at 65º ( 11.76% online votes )