landalusi (1)Walking home today I spotted this new little panadería next to the Metropol Parasol, manned by a couple of friendly young guys selling ecological artesan bread. There was an attractive display of unusual and very tasty looking breads, which are brought in daily from the family bakery in Sanlúcar La Mayor (just outside Sevilla).  I’m always happy to see new enterprises springing up in my neighbourhood, and equally keen on supporting local businesses. So if you’re in the barrio check out L’Andalusí.

Plaza de la Encarnación, 12
Tel 955 189 389

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Christmas Camels

Spotted yesterday under the Setas.

The camels were being groomed and prepared for the opening of the Encarnación Christmas Market (today) and will be available for rides until January 5th. They also add a very authentic look to the large Belén (nativity scene) being constructed. More pics from the market later…

360º Setas

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This morning I took another trip up to the top of the Metropol Parasol to try out my new iPhone app that allows me to take 360º photos… I think I need more practice but this was the best of the few I tried out.

I also saw that they have finally put up info boards that explain what you are looking at from the main outlook points. They also now have pay-per-view telescopes that warn you not to look directly into the sun (duh).

A tip – do try to get there just after opening time (10 am) as it is lovely and cool and there is nobody else around.


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The brand new Espacio Metropol Parasol, known locally, for obvious reasons, as the “Setas” (Mushrooms), rears its head like some giant, modernistic sculpture above the Plaza de la Encarnación, in almost the exact centre of the Casco Antiguo, where its futuristic latticework construction and fluid, curved appearance are in marked contrast to its surroundings. Like a lot of people, at first I wasn’t sure if I loved it or loathed it, but now it feels like it belongs and it’s well worth a visit for a number of reasons, apart from simply gawping.

Underneath the structure is the Antiquarium, where you can view the Roman ruins uncovered when work on the site began. At ground level is the Encarnación Market, above which is a plaza in the shade of the parasols. I think the space is rather bare, and prefer the shade of the big trees on the other side of the square, but perhaps too much clutter would interfere with its intended use for concerts and other events. You can also take the lift up to the mirador/walkway at the top of the parasols, which opened last Wednesday, and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the city below. A circular restaurant where you will be able to enjoy the view over a meal and a drink is due to open soon.

I went up to the top of the parasol on Friday and have to say I enjoyed the curviness of the structure as much as the fabulous views. I could also see my cat in the upstairs window of my rooftop terrace, which felt… odd. Can’t wait to go up at night.

Opening hours: 10am – 2pm / 5.30 – 10pm
Cost: 2 euros for non-residents


Mercado de la Encarnación

Took a walk over to the Encarnación Market this morning. This was the first market I knew when I first moved to Seville, so I guess it has a bit of sentimental attachment to it. In fact, it’s rather small and poky and not exactly what you would call attractive. But the vendors are very friendly and I can always find everything I need there.

Soon the market is going to be moved to a hideous monstrosity across the street (see below) that the city has been building for years. I shudder to think what it cost, and I can’t walk by the thing without wincing and averting my eyes, but I suspect the market itself will be quite pleasant and an improvement for the vendors.
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