Updated February 2017

Yes, you will get lost, and upon finally arriving will likely wonder what sort of greasy spoon joint (or “tasca”) you’ve ended up at … and it will all be worth it. The 70’s style dive look is intentional, with retro food pics painted on the windows and fun kitsch décor, but the food is all up to the moment gourmet fusion tapas, and all expertly prepared in front of you in the open kitchen. Don’t miss the tempura chorizo pops and the super creamy-cheesy arroz meloso with setas and white truffle oil. Also chorizo in tempura – you KNOW you want it.

Be sure to get there early or else just join in the “bulla”… my favourite spot is at the bar next to the window, but there are also tables both inside and out on the terrace. Aside from the great food and excellent service there is also a very smart and ever-changing wine list, with lots of good options served by the glass.

Also be sure to try the cheeky desserts on offer, created by Manu Jara.

Bread Charge: 0

Numancia 5
Tel 954 331 621
Open 13.30 – 16.30 / 20.30 – midnight Tuesday – Saturday
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Food 9 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 9

the bar

puratasca fresh breadbread & olives

puratasca strawberry salmorejostrawberry salmorejo with tuna

creamy bacalao croquetas

puratasca mojamamojama de atún

puratasca chorizo popstempura chorizo with curry mayo and potato straws

puratasca arrozarroz meloso with setas, parmesan and white truffle oil

puratasca bacalaobacalao confitado with grated manchego and crispy spring onion

puratasca falafalfalafal with pistachio hummus

super tender loin of beef

moroccan meatballs with couscous

a bit of olive oil…

noodles with duck

puratasca tempura vegtempura vegetables with soy mayo

puratasca wok vegstir-fried veg

puratasca croquetas bacalaobacalao croquetas

puratasca tataky presapresa Ibérica tataky with red pesto & croutons

raviolis filled with stewed pork cheek

puratasca pulpofried pulpo with majorero cheese sauce, red onion with mandarin

puratasca rigatonirigatoni with creamy goat cheese, leeks, pecans

puratasca bokatakibokataki – presa Ibérica tataki with rocket and spicy sauce

puratasca chili con carnechili con carne

puratasca gallego beefGalician beef with chimichurri sauce

puratasca carlos evaCarlos & Eva

puratasca cayetano jose raulCayetano (co-owner & showman), José & Raul (co-owner & chef)

the menu

la cayejera

La Cayejera Food Truck

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Updated February 2017