El Rinconcillo

Updated November 2012

Sevilla’s oldest bar (founded in 1670), this place has to be experienced. The ‘ambientation’ is fabulous, and usually very busy, but just belly up to the bar and place your order. I’m always impressed at how the barmen keep track of all the chalked tallies on the wooden bar and never mix up which one belongs to whom. Nice cuminy spinach with garbanzos and arroz del día (rice of the day). They also do a selection of tortillas, which here are more like a French omelette. Variations include jamón serrano, wild mushrooms, prawns, asparagus – all good. A great place to stop off at the beginning of your “tapear” evening to soak up a bit of traditional Sevillano atmosphere while enjoying your manzanilla sherry and olives.

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c/ Gerona 40
Tel: 954 223 183
Open 13.00 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight
El Rinconcillo Website
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caña de lomo and manchego cheese

jamón Ibérico de bellota

payoyo cheese


croquettes and spinach

battered asparagus


rinconcillo manzanillamanzanilla sherry

rinconcillo mushroom omelettemushroom omelette

grilled mushrooms

spinach & garbanzos

arroz del día (rice of the day)

mixed tapas

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Updated: November 2012