Bodega Santa Cruz (Las Columnas)

Updated April 2014

las columnas

Although the name on the wall says Bodega Santa Cruz this bar is known by all the locals as Las Columnas. A lively “cheap & cheeful” spot (tapas average at around 2€) that’s very popular with both local and foreign students. As there are just a few tables inside people tend to spill out into the street, eating and drinking and chatting. The bar staff are used to fast and furious service, and provide it with a smile.

Some of the best tapas are the montaditos – small filled rolls, either hot or toasted – and I have to say the pringá is exceptional.  Hot tapas include various stews, fried fish and some grilled meats. Twenty-odd years ago when I lived across the street this used to be my go-to neighbourhood bar for a quick snack on the way to work, and it remains one of the few authentic family-run spots in Mateos Gago. Except they no longer put down sawdust.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Rodrigo Caro 1
Open 8.00 – midnight
Kitchen closed 16.00 – 20.00 (cold snacks available)
€ €

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Food 5 | Wine 5 | Service 7 | Ambiance 6

las columnas (6) las columnas montaditosmontadito menu

las columnas anchovy cheeseanchovy and fresh burgos cheese montadito

las columnas pringapringá!

las columnas cartatapas menu

las columnas roquefort flamenquinblue cheese flamenquín

las columnas flamenquin chorizochorizo flamenquín

las columnas buñuelos bacalaobuñuelos de bacalao

las columnas 5 cheese espinacas5-cheese spinach

las columnas churrascopork with chimichurri sauce

las columnas manolo angelita manolo javierManolo, Angelita, Manolo & Javier

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updated April 2014