Sol y Sombra

Updated April 2016


There are three Sol y Sombra locations in a row – two bars and one dining room – my favourite is the one “on the right” nearest the corner. Founded in 1961 it’s still very much “old school”, with a bullfighting/feria ambience (sol y sombra, meaning sun and shade, is part of the seating arrangements at the bullring), with lots of old posters on the walls. There are some tables in the front rooms of the bar (with loo-roll “napkins”), and a larger standing only room at the back with a shelf for your food and drinks.

Solomillo al ajo is the house speciality, which is a slow-cooked stew of pork tenderloin with a massive amount of tender whole garlic cloves. There is also an excellent fritura variada (fried fish plate with hake, cod, squid and marinated shark). And if you’re not worried about your cholesterol level or daily calorie intake, try the revuelto de la casa, a dish of lightly scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo and potatoes, or the sizzling chistorra al ajillo. There’s also a good selection of Ibérico charcuterie and cheeses, and nice wines by the glass, including national and local wines. It’s not strictly a tapas bar, as everything comes in full or half raciones, the selections displayed on cards taped to the walls. Best to go with a few friends so you can share the larger plates. And while there is a bread charge, it’s not a per person charge and you get a very generous basket of fresh bread with gourmet picos & regañá.

Bread Charge: 1.50€ per basket

Castilla 147 – 151
Tel. 954 333 935
Open 7 days a week
13.00 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight
€ € €

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Food 7 | Wine 7 | Service 6 | Ambiance 8

sol y sombra posters

 solysombra (6)loo roll “napkins”

sol y sombra revuelto langoustines ortiguillaseggs with ortiguillas (anemones) and langoustines

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solysombra bread

sol y sombra caña de lomocaña de lomo Ibérico

bacon wrapped prawns

solysombra chistorraschistorras al ajo

sol y sombra merluza ajillohake in sherry sauce

sol y sombra solomillosolomillo al whisky

solysombra friturahouse fritura: hake, cod, squid, dogfish

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sol y sombra bar
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Updated April 2016