About Sevilla Tapas

shawn sevilla tapasSevilla Tapas is a personal collection of tapa bars and restaurants in Seville. It started quite by chance in April 2007 when I was out for lunch with a friend and it was such a beautiful spring day that I took a few photos of the square where we were sitting. For a laugh I also took photos of our lunch to show friends on my  casa az blog.  The response was so positive that I started publishing regular “lunch posts”, which eventually led to starting a separate website for Sevilla Tapas.

Each restaurant and tapas bar has its own archive page, listed alphabetically, which can be found on the Tapas Bar & Restaurant drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar. You can also find places listed by location (barrios) and cuisine.

My reviews are kept brief because I think that the photos say more about the various bars & restaurants, and say it better, than I could with words. But I do include all the basic information: location, opening times, type of food.

Sevilla Tapas isn’t commercially driven. There is no advertising and no restaurants pay me to put them up here. Nor do I get free meals. The main criteria for whether to add a tapas bar or restaurant used to be “would I recommend this place to a friend?”, but then I had a change in policy and I am now including places that I’ve visited and don’t recommend, to help keep people from making the same mistake.

Price ratings are shown on each main page…
€ € inexpensive
€ € € medium priced
€ € € € medium-high
€ € € € € expensive

My personal rating can be found at the bottom of the photo pages. One to five oranges.
orange Don’t Bother
orangeorange Okay
orangeorangeorange  Good
orangeorangeorangeorange  Very Good
orangeorangeorangeorangeorange Excellent!