Flamenco & Tapas

image courtesy of Piriñaca

The idea of a Flamenco & Dinner Show tends to strike fear and dismay into the heart of the savvy traveller. And with good reason, as they are usually overpriced spectacles with mediocre entertainment – and even worse food – in charmless surroundings crammed with busloads of tourists. Other more respectable venues in town don’t do the “dinner package” thing, but for some reason often have their performances scheduled so that they cut the evening in half, not especially comfortable for people not accustomed to going out for dinner after 10.30 pm.

Of course most “flamenco shows” are designed for tourists. Locals who love flamenco tend to go to “peñas”, which are like private clubs, where casual visitors may not be welcome and which might feel a bit intimidating.

My Flamenco & Tapas options combine the best of both in intimate and unique settings that showcases talented performers and exquisite food and wine.

Flamenco & Tapas Tour: you will be met at your hotel, or central meeting point, and taken to see an excellent hour-long flamenco performance. On the way to the show I’ll give you some background about flamenco to prepare you for your experience and, once we arrive at the venue, will show you to your reserved front-row seats where you can enjoy the show with drink in hand. Afterwards there will be a 2.5 hour tapeo, visiting two of my favourite bars, one traditional and one modern, where you will enjoy some of the best tapas and wines in Sevilla. (minimum: two people).

Flamenco & Tapas Lunch: for larger groups you can enjoy a private lunchtime flamenco performance, catered by a well-known traditional tapas bar. You will be picked up and taken to this very special venue at the back of a flamenco guitar museum where you will enjoy a light tapas lunch with local wines while you watch the show (minimum: 12 people).

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