Maravilla Social Club

Maravilla is among a number of traditionally-styled-hipster small neighbourhood bars that have opened recently in Sevilla, in this case in the Macarena neighbourhood. It’s very much no-frills, with about half a dozen tables and a small terrace outside, but the food, a blend of traditional Andalucian and Italian, and vegetarian and eco friendly, is actually rather good. We especially loved the cauliflower in tempura and grilled pluma Ibérica.

Off the tourist beat, and not that easy to find if you’re not familiar with the barrio, but definitely worth a visit if you’re in that part of town.

Bread/Service Charge: 1€ PER PERSON

Maravillas 1
Tel 643 371 148
Open 9.00 – 17.00 / 20.00 – midnight Tuesday – Saturday
12.30 – 16.30 Sunday
€ € € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 8 | Wine 7 | Service 7 | Ambiance 7

aji and chicken croquetas

tempura cauliflower

ginger-marinated salmon

pluma Ibérica


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Vermutería Palabra de Bar

Vermouth (vermút in Castellano, vermú in “Andalúz” 😉 ) has always been available as an aperitif in Sevilla, but after being relegated to the choice of “old men in traditional bars” it is now enjoying a comeback and is being embraced anew by a younger generation. One of the establishments at the forefront of this resurgence is Vermutería Palabra de Bar, which after a brief spell in Plaza Regina has now moved to larger premises in Calle Sol. Owner Marijoe and barman Jorge  provide a friendly atmosphere, and a décor that’s both traditional and trendy  – painted exposed brick wall along the bar, large barrel tables at the front, as well as a couple of high tables outside. There’s a wide range of red and white vermouths with the accompaniments (oranges, olives and soda water) and a small tapas menu (also open for breakfast).  There are also small art exhibitions and occasional live music, usually on Tuesday evenings. A very cosy and comfortable neighbourhood bar.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Sol 3
Tel 653 91 36 29
Open 9.00 – midnight Monday – Friday
10.00 – 1.00 am Saturday
10.00 – 22.00 Sunday
€ € €

orange orange orange
Food 6 | Vermú 9 | Service 8 | Ambiance 7


add your own soda

Jorge & MariJoe

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Patas de Gallo

Patas de Gallo opened in March 2016 and bills itself as a “grunge” (?) fusion gastrobar, and owner Felipe Oliver Cousinou is also the proprietor of food and wine shop Catabuche in the Puerta Real. The premises are very pleasant, with a kind of “bistro style” feel to them that includes a substantial bar area, plenty of patterned tiles and even a “Star Wars” wall.

Food is generally good, but the staff could do with a bit more training. There are plenty of nice wines on offer, but our server didn’t know much about them, or the dishes. I think the Andalusian dishes worked better than the fusion attempts, but that’s me talking. I often think fusion bars here in Sevilla count on the local clientele never having eaten the original real deal. Anyhow, it’s a nice bar, good for snacks and wine.

Bread/Service Charge: 1€

Carlos Cañal 32
Tel 689 714 365
Open 9.00 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight Tuesday – Saturday
12.00 – 16.00 Sunday
€ € €

orange orange orange
Food 6 | Wine 7 | Service6 | Ambiance 6

cruquemoles… guac croquetas

crispy gyozas

grilled solomillo Ibérico with mojo mayo

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La Cata Ciega

If I hadn’t arranged to meet a friend here, on his recommendation, I might have never have gone into this unassuming little bar on Calle Zaragoza, which has recently changed hands. And that would have been a great shame, because it turned out to be a total gem, with an equally delightful owner, Álvaro Harillo. Like one of his various amontillados, this is a bar that has had two lives. It first opened in El Puerto Santa Maria in May 2012, but then closed in January 2016, after which it relocated to Seville, opening again in November 2016 – complete with the original bar.

It’s a traditional sit-or-stand at the bar neighbourhood local, with a small but carefully selected traditional tapas menu that includes an unusually good ensaladilla, melt-in-your-mouth carrillada de jabolí (wild boar cheek), marinated tuna, and daily stews. The high point though is an excellent wine list of less commercial brands, and, as you might expect from a bar that started life in El Puerto, an excellent variety of sherries. This is definitely a great find.

Bread/Service Charge: 0.50€ PER PERSON

Zaragoza 15
Tel 622 843 374
Open 13.00 – 16.00 Tuesday – Saturday
13.00 – 16.00 Sunday
€ € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 9 | Wine 10 | Service 8 | Ambiance 8

ensaladilla with tuna

timbal of octopus with lots of smoky pimiento

marinated tuna with seaweed “spaghetti”

retinto beef carpaccio with mango

wild boar pork cheek

lemon pie

Abraham and owner Álvaro

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Taberna del Alabardero

The Alabardero is in some ways a slightly unusual creature, part boutique hotel (7 rooms), part catering school, part bistro/cafeteria/tapas bar, and part restaurant, all housed in a classic 19th century “casa palacio” with lots of beautiful tiles and antique style furniture. It all seems to work well together, though, and since opening its doors in 1992 the Alabardero has become one of the pillars of Sevillano gastronomy.

The cafeteria and tapas bar area can be found in in the main courtyard as you enter, with the bistro off to one side (which offers an excellent set menu). The restaurant is upstairs, specializing in high quality Andalusian dishes. We opted for tapas this visit and other than one slight blip – the croquetas could have been tastier – we loved every dish. Service is very attentive and, although perhaps a bit formal, it’s in keeping with the elegant surroundings and it’s actually refreshing to find such well-trained staff.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Zaragoza 20
Tel 954 502 721
Open 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.00 – 23.30
€ € € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 8 | Ambiance 9

two kinds of croquettes: mushroom and seafood

marinated salmon

foie micuit with ginger toast

grilled octopus with potato purée and smoked paprika

grilled beef tenderloin with carrot and beet purées

pear tatin with chocolate ice cream

Azabache cake, chocolate, sable Breton, apple créme, saffron brûlée

the bistro

central courtyard

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Zalata is a slightly off the beaten track neighbourhood bar run by husband & wife team Younes & Viviana. And lucky for me that they happen to be in MY neighbourhood! The modest sized menu is a fusion of Spanish, Moroccan and Peruvian, with a few touches acquired by Younes on his travels, and includes salads, hot and cold meat and fish dishes and desserts.

We enjoyed a varied selection that included really crunchy & tasty chicken croquettes, a deliciously light and citrusy ceviche, and perfectly grilled presa Ibérica. All of which served to bring me back again a few days later to test out some more of the menu – fried chicken bits with fried spiralised potato? Wonderful! Swordfish with a radish slaw? Equally good. I even went so far as to have a dessert (well okay, my friend did) – a dark chocolate cake with a light fresh chestnut sauce.

Excellent friendly service makes you feel right at home. And they’re even open Sundays and Mondays! Already a neighbourhood favourite, as you can tell.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Doña María Coronel 17
Tel 854 550 358 / 692 901 092
Open 9.00 – midnight  Monday – Sunday
Kitchen closed 17.00 – 19.30
€ € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 8 | Wine 7 | Service 8 | Ambiance 7

artichoke salad with red & green peppers, sun-dried tomato, burrata

sea bass ceviche

chicken croquetas

fried chicken bites and potato spirals with 2 sauces

squid ink ravioli filled with chocos & prawns

swordfish with radish slaw

char-grilled octopus brochette with celery purée and bonito flakes

presa Ibérica with potato purée
(usually it comes with sweet potato croquetas)

beef tenderloin with tortilla de patatas

chocolate cake with chestnut orange cream

Younes & Viviana

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Abacería Puerta Carmona

I’m surprised that I never really paid much attention to this little neighbourhood bar before now, but alerted by some recent social media praise I decided to pay it a visit. The bar has, in fact, changed hands just a few months ago, and according to affable barman and co-owner Chía, has reasserted some of its more traditional roots. I knew I’d love it as soon as I spotted the sherry menu and we promptly ordered some manzanilla en rama and mango vermouth.

Charcuterie, cheeses and montaditos are the mainstays, but there is also a reasonable tapas menu, from which we selected some albondigas (meatballs), followed by carrillada (braised pork cheeks), both excellent. We also sampled some Payoyo cheese in rosemary, which Chía assured us was the real deal (apparently there is a lot of dodgy “payoyo” out there).

The bar is quite small, though there are a few tables at the back, and a good-sized terrace outside, and it has the kind of friendly, relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Open for breakfast, which is served until 12.30, the bar actually stays open all day, and a lovely dessert display appears on the bar for merienda. And being an abacería, you’ll also find some terrific artisanal preserves and tinned goods that you can take home with you.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Tintes 1
Tel 653 033 343
Open 8.00 – midnight Monday – Friday
9.00 – midnight Saturday – Sunday
€ € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 7 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 8

manzanilla en rama and mango vermouth

Payoyo cheese with housemade red pepper jam

pork and jamón meatballs

braised pork cheeks (carrillada)

manager and co-owner Chía

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Le Streeter

Le Streeter is another new project from the inventive mind of Cayetano Gómez (Puratasca, Cruo Vermutería, La Cayejera) – along with his partners – and is in some ways a reworking of his food truck experience. And in some ways not. Le Streeter is indeed a food truck, but not in its normal habitat. It occupies a section of Gourmet Experience Duque, where it adds a dimension of international “street” cuisine to the proceedings. The truck itself is a rather natty little Citroen, and cooking is partly carried out there, and partly in a regular kitchen behind. There is a seating area for about twenty five people (also available for private functions), lots of greenery, and staff in camouflage jackets (urban jungle?), though they aren’t too difficult to find when you need one.

The menu is based on street food with a difference from around the world, by a chef who has previously worked in New York, among other places, so you can find things like caesar salad, pulled pork and NYC cheesecake, along with Asian, Italian, German and South American options. Coming soon – sushi and aged Galician beef. It’s not really tapas as the plates are quite generous, but the food’s good, and it’s also fun.

Plaza del Duque de la Victoria 8
5th floor – El Corte Inglés
10.00 – midnight Monday – Thursday
10.00 – 1.00 am Friday – Saturday
12.00 – midnight Sunday and holidays
€ € € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 8 | Ambiance 8

caesar salad with panko-breaded chicken

giant hot dog on brioche bun with parmesan and spicy sauce

pulled pork on pan cristal with daikon and spicy sauce

New York style cheesecake

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Cruo Vermutería

Cruo is the latest project of Cayetano Gómez, co-owner of the fabulous Puratasca (just around the corner from Cruo), and also of La Cayejera, Sevilla’s first ever food truck. It’s a tiny “vermutería”, created in homage to the typical vermouth bars of the early 20th century, a place to go for an aperitif before the main meal.

There are a number of different vermouths on offer, such as Miró (the vermú de la casa) Lustau, Yzaguirre and Ricard, as well as a selection of wines and sherries (great to find Gutiérrez Colosía amontillado) and Estrella Damm beer. The name derives from the fact that all the food is raw (“crudo” in Spanish, but pronounced “cruo” in Andaluz). We had some tasty gildas and an excellent sea bass & prawn ceviche that went very nicely with our vermouth. There is also a steak tartare on the short menu, along with oysters and a good selection of charcuterie.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Tejares 19
Tel 667 736 891
Open 12.00 – 23.00 Monday – Saturday
€ € €

orange orange orange orange
Food 8 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 9



cruo-7vermú on the rocks

cruo-cevichesea bass and king prawn ceviche



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Lama La Uva


Happy to welcome a new wine shop and abacería in my neighbourhood. Lama la Uva is the creation of Ana Linares from Cádiz, whose aim is to introduce some of Andalucía’s lesser known quality wines and other delicacies (including hams and cheeses) to a wider public. It’s located in the Plaza Regina next to the Metropol Parasol, where it joins several other establishments that are making this one of the top go to places in town. The shop itself, where as well as wines you can buy ham, cheese and speciality foods, is a pleasant minimalist space on the ground floor, and there is a small room upstairs for tastings and other events.

The name is taken from Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the Grapes” (an adaptation of which was also published by Spanish writer Félix María Samañiego). But this time there is a twist,  with the fox (us!) getting the grapes this time, and they turn out to be the best ones (so no sour grapes).

Ana will be announcing her first tastings soon, which you can find on the Lama La Uva Facebook page.

Regina 1
Tel 601 494 138 / 606 975 899
Open 11.30-14.30 / 17.30-21.30 Monday – Friday
11.30 – 15.00 Saturday
€ € €

orange orange orange orange


lamalauva-anaowner Ana Linares



lamalauva-6upstairs tasting room

lamalauva-1the fox and the grapes


lamalauva-2opening night party


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