Modesto Restaurant

Not to be confused with Modesto Tapas across the street, the original Modesto can be quite touristy if you sit outside on the terrace. But inside at the bar it’s much more ‘local’, as well as cheaper. Favourite dishes include the “fritadura modesto” – a plate piled high with tempura style fried strips of onions, green & red peppers, topped with a handful of plump breaded prawns. Also be sure to try the breaded rosada with alioli.

But there is nothing you could order here that isn’t fabulous. Modesto has an excellent reputation for fish and seafood, and service at the bar is super efficient and friendly. I almost always find myself chatting away to other people eating at the bar, it’s just that kind of place. They also offer seasonal specialities, such as wild mushrooms and asparagus.

Modesto Restaurant
c/ Cano y Cueto, 5
Tel. 954 416 811
Modesto website
Open 7 days a week
8.00 – midnight
(all-day kitchen)
Updated: November 2011
€ € € €


fritura – a house speciality

coquinas (small clams)


shucking oysters


wild mushrooms


marinated boquerones (anchovies)

fried boquerones (anchovies)

Wild asparagus

grilled chiperones (squid)

tortillitas de camarones (baby prawn fritters) with pimientos de padrón

  grilled carabineros

Manolo defies gravity

Manolo & cigalas

scallop specials of the day

breaded and fried rosada with alioli

grilled mushrooms with garlic & parsley

razor clams

Manolo with mixed seafood platter

Juan Manuel & Manolo (and mixed wild mushroom)

wild chanterelles with choco strips & garlic

Sebastian and assistant

Jacinto, Manolo, Pepe & Juanma

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