La Almadraba

Updated February 2015

la almadrabaPao Varo has brought a little corner of Barbate to Sevilla with his market bar La Almadraba. The name refers to the annual sustainable tuna catch that happens once a year off the coast of Cádiz and, as well as creating a fresh tuna feeding frenzy across Andalucía for a few weeks, it also results in spectacular tinned, smoked and otherwise preserved products by elite companies such as Herpac, La Chanca and El Ronqueo.

At La Almadraba you can snack on wonderful mojama (aka tuna “bacon”), tuna pâté, tuna loin in lime juice, tuna belly in olive oil, tuna confit in pork fat, tuna in sherry… well, you’re getting the picture. It’s all about the tuna. Which goes great with local wines and sherry from Cádiz on offer. Plus, if you like what you’ve tried, you can buy it to take home.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Feria Market, stall 49-50
Feria 98
Tel 670 31 37 99
Open 10.30 – 23.00  Tuesday – Sunday
€ € €

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Food 7 | Wine 7 | Service 7 | Ambiance 6

la almadraba wine list

la almadraba canned goods

la almadraba preserved fish

la almadraba ventresca limatuna ventresca preserved in lime juice

la almadraba mojamamojama (aka tuna “bacon”)

la almadraba tunatuna belly (ventresca) in olive oil

la almadraba pauowner Pau Varo

la almadraba menu

la almadraba sign

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Updated February 2015