Manolo León

Updated December 2017

I first went to Manolo León in 2008, back when it was predominantly a restaurant, with a small tapas bar area near the entrance. Very tradtional menu and décor. Very professional service. And very good food. On a personal note, the reason I ended up here in the first place, and came back several times (since it is a bit outside the centre of town) was due to its proximity to the hospital where I was undergoing cancer treatment and, after hospital visits, Manolo León became my “comfort place” to go to and have a nice meal. Later when I heard of Manolo’s untimely death in 2015 I almost didn’t want to go back again. Would it be the same without him? So it took me awhile.

And well, I barely recognised the place. It’s had a total do-over and is actually quite attractive – the overall look is a bit lighter and brigher. I especially like the little “indoor terrace” as you walk in, which can be cosily closed in or opened up depending on the weather. There’s still a nod towards the traditional, which extends to the menu.

There is now a more extensive tapas menu, including some of the dishes I remembered from years ago, such as the squid ink croquetas and the artichokes with garlic prawns. Service is professional, but perhaps a bit less personal than before. When I mentioned a small complaint about one of our dishes the waitress just said “ok, I’ll tell the chef” but you could tell she never would. The overall feeling is that the place has gone a bit corporate.

Bread/Service Charge: 1€

c/ Juan Pablos 8
tel. 954 23 71 09
Open 13.30 – 17.00 / 20.30 – midnight
€ € € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 7 | Ambiance 7

squid ink croquetas

grilled chipirón (small squid)

artichokes with roasted salmorejo and gambas al ajillo

grilled presa Ibérica

Manolo León (photo taken 2008)

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Updated December 2017