Casa Román

Updated December 2017

This is where it all started, way back on a spring afternoon in 2007. I spontaneously took some pics of our tapas lunch that day, with my first ever digital camera, and Sevilla Tapas was born. Founded in 1934, family-run Casa Román is still one of my favourite tapas bars, as it has been for well over twenty years now. I have so many memories tied up with both the people and the place, it always feels like home.

The tapas and setting are very traditional and they serve up some of the best jamón and caña de lomo in town. I love the fabulous FAT olives (gordillos), the delicious crispy fried bacalao (salt cod), and the grilled mushrooms filled with jamón and salsa verde are another must have. Also be sure to try the MEAT – different cuts of Ibérico de Bellota pork served in various ways. Great fried fish too. Friendly service, a nice selection of wines by the glass and, although situated in a very touristy area, you’ll still find plenty of locals here.

The terrace has small “hobbit” tables running along the front of the bar, as well as an ample dining area in the square. Views from the terrace are gorgeous … charming street scenes, the lovely Hospital de los Venerables,  as well as a beautiful square full of orange trees. Heavenly when the azahar is in blossom.

Bread/Service Charge: 0.70€

Plaza Venerables 1
Tel 954 228 483
12.00 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight
(Closed Sunday evening November – February)
€ € €
*vegetarian friendly

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Food 9 | Wine 8 | Service 9 | Ambiance 9


Antonio slicing jamón

olives and manzanilla sherry

roman startersa few starters


tortilla de jamón

roman bacalao frito bacalao frito (breaded salt cod)

fried eggs with crispy onions and roasted red peppers

grilled pork ribs

terrace with ‘hobbit’ tables

the bar/dining room

Manolo, Azucena & Curro



Rafael, Manolo & Curro

Inma & Antonio

selection of Ibéricos

jamón Ibérico de bellota

cazón en adobo

jamón croquetas

breaded chocos (cuttlefish)

boquerones al vinagre

grilled aubergine with salsa verde

roman presa iberica grilled presa Ibérica & chips

grilled mushrooms with jamón and salsa verde

solomillo al whisky (pork tenderloin in whisky sauce)

roman-trinityIbérico Trinity: solomillo al whisky, presa & carrillada

stewed oxtail

roman painting

Rafa & Azucena – see you soon!


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Updated December 2017