Casa Morales

Updated September 2017

Founded in 1850 by the great grandfather of Reyes Morales, this unique and charismatic bar is still in the family and has a great selection of wines and traditional tapas. Top quality cheeses and cured meats are offered either as tapas or montaditos (small toasted filled buns), along with fabulous “chicharrones” (pork scratchings) and various stews. I love the tuna solomillo with tomato on toast, the venison chorizo, and the imperial anchovies are a house speciality. But if you’re not sure what to order just ask chef Óscar to make up a selection for you, along with some house sherry or vermouth.

The front section of the bar has a storefront window facing the street, and just around the corner you’ll find the side entrance to the back bar, previously the winery, with its enormous clay tinajas that used to store their house wine. It’s like walking into a time warp and finding yourself in the Sevilla of old (but without paper napkins all over the floor). Incredible value for money, terrific food,  and very helpful and friendly staff. Truly one of the most special bars in town. Now if I could only get Juan Carlos to install WiFi…  😉

Bread Charge: 0€

Garcia de Vinuesa 11
Tel. 954 22 12 42
Open 12.00 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight
Closed Sunday (Open Sunday lunch Oct-May)
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Food 9 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 10

morales arch

morales beer chicharronesbeer & chicharrones

the house manzanilla (dry sherry)

morales tinajaslas tinajas

big fat olives

tortilla de patatas

jamón Ibérico

bacalao on toast with salmorejo

artichoke ensaladilla with crabmeat

Imperial anchovies

lomo en manteca (pork loin with lard)

warm torta de la serena cheese

queso manchego (cured sheep’s cheese)
queso cabrales (blue goat’s cheese)

stewed pork cheek with oloroso

pavía de bacalao (battered salt cod)

morales atun bacalaotuna solomillo with tomato and olive oil
bacalao with salmorejo

grilled artichokes with garlic and jamón

morales bacalao gulasbacalao in salsa verde with gulas

grilled morcilla de Burgos

morales menudo bacalaomenudo de chipirones

morales startersstarters: tortilla, chicharrones, jamón Ibérico,
queso manchego, venison chorizo, bacalao

espinacas con garbanzos

grilled chicken with mushrooms and garlic sauce

garbanzos with cola del toro

grilled pork loin with mojo picón

salchichas al vino

morales chocoscuttlefish meatballs

pork & beef meatballs

the house wine

sangre encebollada (blood and onions)

arroz del día with carrillada

quesoscheese plate

smoked fishsmoked & cured fish plate

morales vermu pringa

mini kobe beef burger

tender stewed lamb shank

morales rafaRafael

morales equipochef Óscar, Diego, Javi, Juana & Manolo

morales reyes juan carlosowners Reyes Morales & Juan Carlos García

morales tinaja

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Updated September 2017
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