La Resolana

La Resolana is in the village of Salteras, about a half-hour bus ride from Sevilla or 10 minutes by car. It’s located in a beautiful old XVII century bodega and first opened in 1992 as an “events/functions” room before becoming a restaurant. A “rincón de las tapas” (tapas corner) has recently been added. The décor is a kind of modern rustic, with lots of interesting items in wooden display cases that also serve to divide up what would otherwise be a rather warehouse-scale space into more comfortable room-sized areas. There’s also a nice outdoor terrace at the front.

The service is professional, friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is very relaxed, although being a hot day in August it wasn’t very busy (I’m told it’s absolutely heaving during the rest of the year and I can see why). The food was excellent. Salteras is known for its “churrasco” (barbecue) style restaurants, so we had to sample a couple of those, as well as a lovely pan-grilled pork tenderloin in PX sauce. The surprise hit of the day were the lamb croquetas, which were subtle but not bland, and a cava and lemon sorbet made a refreshing finish. Worth the trip out to the Aljarafe.

Sor Maria de la Pasion 2
Salteras, Aljarafe
Tel. 955 70 77 47
Open: 13:00 – 16:45 / 20.00 – midnight
7 days a week
La Resolana Website
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the bar

la rincon de las tapas (the tapas corner)

filo pastry “caramelos” filled with foie, goat cheese and membrillo

lamb croquettes

Iberian pork churrasco with papas arrugás (wrinkled potatoes) & mojo picón

solomillo al whisky (Iberian pork tenderloin in whisky sauce)

grilled presa Ibérica with papas arrugás (wrinkled potatoes) & mojo picón

pineapple heart confit with icecream and wafer

mojito sorbet and cava & lemon sorbet

back: owner Francisco, Juan Luís, Juan
front: Manolo, Beni, José

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