intro to sherry (1)Outside of Spain, Sherry may well be the most misunderstood wine in the world. For many the name is likely to conjure up a memory of a sickly sweet dark liquid that grandma used to produce from the back of a cupboard at Christmas time. But nothing could be further from the truth, and although I had long known, having lived in Spain for many years, that the majority of Sherries are dry, and that a nice Fino or Manzanilla is just the thing to drink with your jamón or queso viejo, I have to admit that it was only a few years ago that I started to get a feel for the deeper qualities of this versatile wine.

intro to sherry (3)I have been to many organised tastings over the years but my true initiation into the mysteries of sherry took place on the first ever World Sherry Day, May 26th 2013. I’d been invited to a special event in Jerez but missed my train and so, rather than sulk about this, I decided to create my own impromptu Word Sherry Day event in Sevilla. What I experienced that day took me to a whole other level of appreciation for sherry and I decided that I wanted to share that experience with others. So I embarked on my own personal sherry mission, visiting over 15 bodegas the following summer, after which I created this tour, ensuring that the wine and food pairings are as perfect as they can be. Since then I have also successfully completed the Sherry Educator course given annually by the Sherry Academy in Jerez.

My Introduction to Sherry tour is exactly that – an introduction. It will be a fun and informative evening (or afternoon) out. You won’t be bogged down with jargon, but you will learn about the basics of the sherry-making process while tasting 6-8 different wines as you visit three tapas bars that are well-known for having an excellent selection of sherries by the glass. Each wine will be paired with a specially selected tapa that will help you appreciate and enjoy the qualities of every glass of wine you try.

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