Hospital de los Venerables – Velázquez & Murillo

This year is the 400th anniversary of the birth of Bartolome Murillo, probably Sevilla’s most famous painter, and has been officially declared the Year of Murillo. As part of the commemorations the Fundación Focus-Abengoa, in collaboration with the Prado Museum, London’s National Gallery, and others, has organised a very special exhibition comparing the work of Murillo and Sevilla’s other most famous painter, Diego Velázquez.

velazquez murilloThe two painters, born in Seville a generation apart (Velazquez in 1599 and Murillo in 1617), and having their formative influences there, nevertheless had quite different career trajectories, Velazquez leaving Seville to work at the Spanish court in Madrid in 1623, while Murillo spent his entire working life in Seville. It’s not known whether the two ever actually met in person (though they must have been aware of each others’ work), but while there is no record of a meeting, it’s not impossible as Murillo visited Madrid on several occasions, although art experts think that there was only limited reciprocal influence.

santa rufinaSanta Rufina by Murillo (left) and Velázquez (right)

However, it’s clear from the 19 paintings in the exhibition, 10 by Murillo and 9 by Velázquez, that there were common influences in the cultural world of Sevilla in the 17th century. This shows itself in both the choice (or commissioning) of subjects, especially in religious subjects pertaining to Sevilla such as the Saints Justa and Rufina and the Immaculate Conception, as well as of Saint Peter and the Adoration of the Magi, and the highly naturalistic style of the scenes of everyday life.

day to day lifeEveryday scenes by Velázquez (left) and Murillo (right)

It’s also appropriate that the exhibition is being hosted in the Venerables Hospital, a building that is of the early 17th century, and which has both a historical and current associations with the two painters. Around mid-January the exhibition, which continues until February 28th, surpassed the 50,000 visitor mark.

Velásquez | Murillo | Sevilla
Hospital de los Vernerables
Plaza de los Venerables 8
Open 10.00 – 18.00 (last entrance at 17.30)
General Admission: 8 euros
Free Admission Tuesday 14.00 – 18.00

Noche en Blanco

noche en blanca 2014

Sevilla’s third Noche en Blanca is TONIGHT.  Organised by @SevillaSeMueve, the 2014 edition of this all-night cultural event is the most amibitious to date with more than 100 spaces participating, including theatre, music, boutiques, galleries, cinema, gastronomy, walking tours and much more.

Have a great White Night everyone!

Noche en Blanco Programme
Twitter hashtag: #nocheenblancoSEV

La Revuelta – Art & Fun

la revuelta

La Revuelta is Sevilla’s newest multi-functional cultural space. Part art gallery, part bookshop, and venue for wine tastings, literary and cultural events, courses and workshops and much more, it’s the brainchild of local writer, journalist and wine expert Javier Compás. The space is bright, open and welcoming with exposed brick walls and high ceilings. It also has kitchen facilities.

If you live in Sevilla you can become a member for 12€ a month and take advantage of discounts and first options for limited-space events. For visitors it’s a unique spot to check out for books, art and wines. Just off the Plaza del Pan in the first “vuelta” of the serpentine calle Siete Revueltas.

la revuelta collage

La Revuelta
Siete Revueltas, 33
Tel 954 21 08 06
Open: 10.00 – 14.00 / 17.00 – 20.00
Closed Sunday

Libélula by Chiqui Díaz

dragonfly (1)

dragonfly sculpture by Chiqui Díaz

Yesterday evening I popped over to the opening of the La Libélula Art & Gastronomy week. I was particularly keen on seeing the dragonfly (libélula) sculpture by Chiqui Díaz, as I have always loved his caracol on calle Puente & Pellón. I was also impressed by his Tío Pepe sculpture, which won a competition to grace the Rotunda Tío Pepe in Jerez. So imagine how thrilled I was when it turned out that not only was the dragonfly going to be on display, but Chiqui was going to assemble it right then and there. So I got into a “front row” position and proceeded to watch the show. I am totally in love with this sculpture and think it would look amazing on my rooftop terrace.

dragonfly (2)

[click on images to enlarge]

Art & Gastronomy at La Libélula

la libelula

[click on image to enlarge]

This evening at 8.00 pm Art & Gastronomy week will begin at La Libélula, Sevilla’s first multi-functional art-fashion-decor-gourmet-lifestyle space. It promises to be a great opportunity to see the best works of artists Christopher Donaire, Barea Balcris and sculptor Chiqui Díaz (looking forward to seeing his dragonfly – libélula – sculpture), as well as enjoying a wide array of gourmet food and wines.

Throughout the week there will be various tastings: wine, cheese, olive oil, gin & tonic and coffee. Check the poster above for tasting times and prices. There is limited space available so if you’d like to attend you can reserve your place by email:

La Libélula
Cuna 45-49
Arte & Gastronomy
11 – 15 March

Rompemoldes Días Europeos

rompemoldes dias europeosWhen I first visited Rompemoldes Creative Craft Space a couple of weeks ago I was told about the “Días Europeos” open house planned for this weekend and have been looking forward to going. Most of the workspaces will be open to the public so it’s a great opportunity to see this modern version of a corral de vecinos “in action”.

There are workshops and demonstrations planned both days and I’m very interested in seeing the Gastromoldes event on Saturday as that studio wasn’t open during my last visit. There will also be guest artisans showing their work along with the resident artists.

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate as well!

Días Europeos
Espacio de Creación Artesanal

April 5th & 6th
Calle San Luís 70

You can see the programme of activities below…
(click on images to enlarge)

rompemoldres programa días europeos 1

rompemoldes programa días europeos 2


rompemoldesYesterday I finally got over to visit Rompemoldes, which opened last November. It’s a bright modern space just off calle San Luís where local artists and artesans live and work, reminiscent of Sevilla’s old “corrales de vecinos”. The ground floor studios and shops open onto a large plant-filled patio, which is also used for special events such as concerts and workshops. Apartments are located on the first and second floors, some with rooftop terraces. I think it’s a great concept, having your workspace and home together, and also having like-minded neighbours. And the people I spoke to were all very enthusiastic about this new initiative.

There are general opening hours but individual studios may not always be open to the public. Some have shops to sell their art and crafts, others work strictly on commission. So each visit you can find something different.

There is going to be an “open house” weekend April 5-7 and I’m told that on Saturday the 6th most, if not all, of the studios will be open and there will be food & drink on offer too. Check the Rompemoldes Facebook Page for all upcoming events. You can also ask to be put on their emailing list to stay in the loop.

San Luís 70
10.00 – 14.00 / 17.00 – 20.00 Monday – Friday
10.00 – 14.00 Saturday

Centro del Mudéjar

mudejar centre
The Palace of the Marqueses of the Algaba is home to Sevilla’s newest cultural centre, this one dedicated to the legacy of the Mudéjars of the 13th – 16th centuries. The palace was first built in this period and is worth a visit itself. Although it has undergone reforms since then it still boasts a splendid example of a mudéjar-gothic grand doorway and tower, as well as a lush central courtyard garden enclosed by arched walkways.

The centre opened on January 12th with an exhibit bringing together 111 pieces from different museums.

Centro del Mudéjar
Plaza Calderón de la Barca
(just behind Feria Market)
8 am – 2 pm / 5 pm – 8 pm Monday to Friday
Saturdays 8 am – 2 pm. Closed Sunday.
Admission is free.

Wabi Sabi Vintage Market

This afternoon I stopped into Wabi Sabi Shop & Gallery to check out their Sunday Vintage Market, an exclusive one-day-only event that they were hosting with Mary Jo Torres from Mulita Couture. I was told that this is just the start of regular “every-other-Sunday” events, which will include poetry readings and wine tastings, along with fashion, furniture and art workshops.

Owner María Lopez Vergera opened her bright new space just off the Plaza Encarnación in part to help make people feel less intimidated about walking into an “Art Gallery”, which I think she mostly does by just being herself.  I love the mix of art and fashion, retro furniture and cool chachkas on display, but it’s the friendly and open welcome you get from María and Manolo that really makes you feel at home.  Seriously my kind of place.

Wabi Sabi Shop & Gallery

Viriato 9
Tel. 954 214 065