Petit Corner

Updated December 2017

Petit Corner is the sister bar of the very successful (and personal favourite) Petit Comite next door. But despite a similar menu (the two share a kitchen), the “corner” is more of a bar, and less like a restaurant. Formerly a rather run down tasca, the premises have been fully renovated with lots of light coloured wooden shelves, with books as well as the obligatory wines and spirits, and a new bar (though the original till and scales are now part of the décor).

It’s quite small, with just five tables and three shelf/tables (don’t know how else to describe them), so quite cosy. Excellent service from a young professional staff, and above all, really great food. The tapas menu is quite small (it’s mostly plates) with an “inventive traditional” style. Try the jamón, duck and foie roll, the cecina (air-cured beef), and the pluma Ibérica (pork shoulder cut) – you won’t be disappointed. And the croquetas are superb, which is not something I say very often. Excellent cocktail menu for either the sobremesa or a nightcap.

Bread/Service Charge: 1€

Dos de Mayo 28
Tel 954 229 595
Open 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.00 – midnight Wednesday – Sunday
20.00 – midnight Tuesday
€ € € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 9 | Ambiance 8

petit corner (2)

petit corner (5)

petit corner olivesarbequina olives and spicy peppers

petit corner jamonjamón Ibérico de bellota

peppery salchichón Casa Sendra

petit corner cecinaexcellent cecina (air-cured beef) with olive oil and toasted almonds

petit corner croquetascroquetas: spinach & cabrales, rosada en adobo and puchero

petit corner croquetas openinside the croquetas

petit corner duck with foiejamón, duck breast and foie roll

petit corner boqueronesboquerones Tío Pepe with hierbabuena mayo

retinto beef meatballs

petit corner presagrilled presa Ibérica with herb potatoes

petit corner javi juan nuria alvaro luis juanmameet the team: Javi, Juan, Nuria, Alvaro & Luís (co-owners), Juanma

petit corner daquirimy daquiri was so good I forgot to take a photo

petit corner (3)

petit corner (4)

petit corner (3)

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Updated December 2017

Flores Jamones & Vinos

Updated July 2014

It’s a gourmet food store, it’s a wine bar, it’s the latest venture by the Federico Flores family, who have been at the distribution forefront of promoting Andalusian wines and food products for two generations. And it is housed in very chic digs in the rapidly up-and-coming Puerta de Triana neighbourhood.

You are totally spoiled for choice as there are up to five different types of jamón and 30 wines that can be sampled, as well as cheeses and tapas made from a wide range of locally produced items. A perfect try-before-you-buy option or, if you just feel like tasting, either sit out on the ample terrace or grab a cosy table at the back of the shop. Favourite tapas include the sushi Ibérico and the toasted coca with jamón, leeks, torta de serena cheese and sweet Malaga wine gelée. The very knowledgeable and helpful staff will help you choose your tapas and wine, and then pack up more for you to take home.

Bread/Service Charge: 1€ per basket

San Pablo 24
Tel. 954 216 160
Open 8.30 – midnight Monday – Saturday
9.30 – 17.30 Sunday
(summer hours: closed 16.30 – 20.00)
€ € €

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Food 8 | Wine 9 | Service 8 | Ambiance 7

flores jamones de huelvathree different jamones at a time are available for tasting

flores jamón ibérico selection of three types of jamón iberico

selection of cheeses

flores coca

Coca w/leeks, jamón, torta de serena cheese & Malaga sweet wine jelly

pincho with quail in brine, chesnut confit and PX sauce

warm salad of quail and setas with dried cherry toms

fetuccine with bolognese Ibérico

Iberian pork roll with secreto, green asparagus & serena cheese

flores sushi

Iberian sushi: maki and niguiri made with jamón Ibérico de bellota

bocadito de jamón iberico with hard boiled egg & tomato

flores caña lomocaña de lomo with perfectly chilled fino sherry

red tuna brochette with veg, cream cheese & trout eggs

the wines

the window display bodega
30 wines are available to taste by the glass

the cheeses

local caviar

flores federico Federico cutting jamón

Los Flores: Álvaro, José Vicente, Federico (padre) & Federico

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Updated July 2014

Vineria San Telmo

Updated October 2016


Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the Vineria San Telmo are the mottos and quotations painted on the walls and ceiling, followed by the display case featuring spectacular desserts by Gollerías (including the Very Best lemon meringue pie in the universe) and the wonderful glass wine cellar (I want one at home!). You can then go on to discover the Vineria’s special blend of traditional and innovative tapas, which also includes a lot of terrific vegetarian options.

I’ve been going to the Vineria for over ten years and the food here is consistently outstanding, as is the exceptional value for money (no pretentious “gourmet tapas prices”). Owner Juan Manuel Tarquini is all about the wines and there is an extensive wine list including a very good selection of wines by the glass (look out for the featured wine of the month).

Favourite dishes of mine include the perfectly grilled pluma Ibérica (pork shoulder), the gorgeous garlicky pan-fried octopus, sexy squid ink spaghetti with a perfectly grilled scallop atop, and… well, honestly? I love the whole menu. Simply because it’s so eclectic and well done that there is always something I feel like eating when I stop by. I was also very pleased to see the addition of smaller “tapas size” salads, perfect for one, or for two to share as a side dish.

But the very best thing is how you feel so at home at the Vineria, either inside the cosy restaurant or out on the fabulous terrace overlooking the Murillo gardens. The knowledgeable international and multilingual Vineria team go out of their way to ensure you have a great time, which reflects Tarquini’s generous nature and attention to detail. Just go!

Bread Charge: 0€

Paseo Catalina de Ribera, 4
Tel. 954 410 600
Open 7 days a week 11.00 – midnight
Kitchen closed 17.00 – 20.00 with cold snacks, drinks and desserts available
Vineria San Telmo website
€ € €
vegetarian friendly

orange orange orange orange orange
Food 9 | Wine 10 | Service 9 | Ambiance 9


ceiling sayings

vineria jamónjamón Ibérico de bellota

vineria burrataarugula and burrata cheese salad

vineria carpaccio (2)beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese

vineria castueraCastuera cheese with caramalised onions and little toasts

grilled setas topped with crispy fried onions

vineria tortillatortilla de patatas with salad

vineria pear blue cheesepear and blue cheese salad with walnut oil dressing

panko-breaded langoustines on grilled courgette with soya-mayo sauce

vineria morcillacrepe filled with morcilla de Burgos, piquillo red pepper sauce

roast leg of lamb stuffed with basil & tarragon, served with couscous

vineria tower of power “tower” of aubergine, tomato, smoked salmon & goat cheese

broccoli couscous with sautéed vegetables

salmon-tartaresalmon tartare served with little toasts

vineria hummushummus with pita bread and salad

owner Juan Manuel Tarquini

Vineria potatoes and yucca chips with three sauces

vineria squid inkgarlicky squid ink pasta with grilled scallop

pulpo al ajillopan-fried octopus “al ajillo”

vineria-foie-applegrilled foie with apple compote

vineria pastel moroccan pastry filled with chicken and almonds, sweet cinnamon

vineria salmon tatakysalmon tataky with stewed and fried leeks

vineria prawn carpaccioking prawn carpacchio, toasted sesame seeds, soya sauce

la bodega

vineria carpacciogrilled beef carpaccio filled with brie cheese

grilled pluma (see pork cuts), pumpkin in curry oil, fried arugula

bacalao a la roteña (fresh cod with onions and peppers)

vineria bulltailtender oxtail in crispy filo pastry

fab desserts by Gollerías


terrazathe terrace


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Updated October 2016