La Almadraba

Updated February 2015

la almadrabaPao Varo has brought a little corner of Barbate to Sevilla with his market bar La Almadraba. The name refers to the annual sustainable tuna catch that happens once a year off the coast of Cádiz and, as well as creating a fresh tuna feeding frenzy across Andalucía for a few weeks, it also results in spectacular tinned, smoked and otherwise preserved products by elite companies such as Herpac, La Chanca and El Ronqueo.

At La Almadraba you can snack on wonderful mojama (aka tuna “bacon”), tuna pâté, tuna loin in lime juice, tuna belly in olive oil, tuna confit in pork fat, tuna in sherry… well, you’re getting the picture. It’s all about the tuna. Which goes great with local wines and sherry from Cádiz on offer. Plus, if you like what you’ve tried, you can buy it to take home.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Feria Market, stall 49-50
Feria 98
Tel 670 31 37 99
Open 10.30 – 23.00  Tuesday – Sunday
€ € €

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Food 7 | Wine 7 | Service 7 | Ambiance 6

la almadraba wine list

la almadraba canned goods

la almadraba preserved fish

la almadraba ventresca limatuna ventresca preserved in lime juice

la almadraba mojamamojama (aka tuna “bacon”)

la almadraba tunatuna belly (ventresca) in olive oil

la almadraba pauowner Pau Varo

la almadraba menu

la almadraba sign

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Updated February 2015

La Cocinera Feliz

la cocinera feliz

You cannot help but love this place, and the story behind it. After almost 20 years working as “jefa de cocina” at two 5-star hotels in Sevilla, Pepi Carmona gave it all up to open a market stall offering her own delicious home cooking. According to Pepi she works longer and harder than she ever used to do at the hotel restaurants, but she loves being her own boss and – clearly – loves her clientelle. People are greeted with a warm smile, and usually by their first names, as they arrive to either eat their tapas on the spot or take food home for later. Cold beer and local wines are also available.

There are usually two or three “arroz del día” (rice of the day) options – we tried both the chorizo “rociero” and the pork loin with orange ones. Delish. As were the albóndigas de choco and chicken rotti. If I lived closer I think I’d be doing takeaway from here at least once a week. You can also call and have your food delivered if you live in the barrio. But I think the most fun is just showing up either before or after doing your shopping and enjoying a quick snack in the lively and super friendly atmosphere.

Bread/Service Charge: 0€

Feria Market – Stall nº84
Feria 98
Tel 674 403 970
Open 9.00 – 18.00 Tuesday – Sunday
€ € €

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Food 7 | Wine 5 | Service 8 | Ambiance 7

cocinera feliz pepi carmonaPepi Carmona – the happy cook

cocinera feliz food
cocinera feliz arrozrice of the day with lomo a la naranja

cocinera feliz pellizcopellizco de lomo (pork) with PX sauce

cocinera feliz pollo rottichicken rotti filled with jamón and cheese

cocinera feliz pepi serving up foodPepi dishing it up

cocinera feliz choco ballschoco and langoustine “meatballs”

cocinera feliz arroz chorizorice of the day with chorizo

cociner feliz champismushrooms filled with pork and jamón

cocinera feliz menu
cocinera feliz food 2
cocinera feliz

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La Cantina

Updated July 2017

La Cantina is my favourite market bar in town, serving up fabulous fresh fish and seafood tapas, including unusual delicacies such as fried ortigüillas (sea anemones) and tuna collar preserved in Iberian pork fat. Located inside the Feria market, the bar has expanded its original tiny bar and kitchen. But the best place to be is on the ample terrace that splendidly incorporates one of the outer walls of the 13th century Omnium Sanctorium church. Choose your tapas from the fresh fish display at the counter, which will then be quickly grilled or fried for you. It’s all self-service – your name will be called when your order is ready and your bar tab will be written on the white-tiled wall. Non-fish eaters are a bit out of luck, though they do have excellent chicharrones de Cádiz, marinated potato salad, salmorejo and roasted red peppers.

On Mondays, when the market fish stalls are closed, you can still enjoy croquettes, cod and prawn tortillitas, langoustines wrapped in potato threads, prawn wontons, breaded mussels, hake in adobo and bacon-wrapped prawns.

La Cantina is always busy and buzzy and you can tell this is a favourite place for locals. Also open evenings Monday – Friday. Excellent value for money and terrific bar service.

Bread Charge: 0€

Mercado de la Feria
Tel. 656 958 620
Open 12.00 – 16.30 Monday – Saturday
20.30 – 23.30 Monday – Friday
€ €

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Food 9 | Wine 7 | Service 7 | Ambiance 9

la cantina cheers

la cantina (8) takeaway counter

la cantina terrazabuzzy terrace

la cantina (9)

fish & seafood display

fish & seafood display

la cantina daily specialsdaily specials

la cantina chichirroneschicharrones de Cádiz

la cantina salmorejosalmorejo with marinated anchovy

la cantina pincho prawnspinchito de gambas (prawns)

la cantina chipisgrilled chipirones

la cantina cabracho patecabracho (scorpion fish) paté with alioli

fried whole baby octopus

fried chocos (cuttlefish)

la cantina gambitasgambitas fritas

fried bacalao (fresh cod)

la cantina hakefried hake

la cantina coquinascoquinas

la cantina clamsclams

la cantina tortillitastortillitas de camarones

la cantina sardinasgrilled sardines

bechamel prawns & fried chocos (cuttlefish)

la cantina swordfishgrilled swordfish

calamares fritos

salmoretes & boquerones

la cantina acediasacedias (small sole)

bacalao (salt cod) croquettes

la cantina prawns planchagambas a la plancha

Monday treats: croquetas, tortillitas, langoustines wrapped in potato threads,
prawn wontons, breaded mussels, hake in adobo, bacon-wrapped prawns

bar tabs

Antonio with a big plate of fritos mixtos

la cantina bar areacosy inside bar area

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Updated July 2017