Bodegas Las Cigarreras

We went to Las Cigarreras rather as a last minute decision, partly because it was just round the corner from our hotel, and the time of their guided tour coincided with some free time on our last morning in Sanlúcar.

It’s quite a small bodega, and is actually one of the oldest continuously functioning bodegas in Sanlúcar, having been founded in 1758. For a long time it was an almanecista, but now markets its own wines under the brand name “Las Cigarreras”, specialising in relatively young wines. A pretty central patio, together with one of the naves, has been converted into a restaurant, but the other still has that cool dimness so typical of sherry bodegas.

The tour itself seemed aimed at a tourist market, rather than the aficionado, but was given by the friendly helpful Laura, and was an interesting introduction to the world of sherry, worth doing if it’s all new to you.

And we were plied with enough samples of the sherry to fully cover the entrance fee. Guided tours in English are offered every morning at 11.00 am.

Bodegas Las Cigarreras
Plaza Madre de Dios
Tel: +34 956 381 285