Bodegas Delgado Zuleta

Delgado Zuleta, founded in 1744, is the oldest of the Sanlúcar bodegas, and can be found at the very highest point of the town. Even from outside, beside the little sample vineyard of palomino grapes (the variety from which all dry sherries are produced), you can smell a tantalising faint aroma of the sherry aging in oak barrels wafting through the massive open doors.

Our tour of this bodega was given by the very knowledgeable Nuria and featured more about the history of wine production in the region (it goes back at least to the Romans) than our other tours, as well as something of the history of the bodega. We were also given one of the clearest explanations of the sherry making process I’ve heard, with instructive diagrams at different stopping points, all delivered against that almost church-like atmosphere that these high-ceilinged bodegas all seem to exude. The bodega’s principal brand is the famous La Goya, and it also ages Barbiana (a Manzanilla Pasada), as well as a full range of other sherries. Our tour finished with a tasting of a selection of five sherries (with snacks) in the main room of the visitor centre and before long everyone was chatting away like old friends. It was from Nuria that I learned about the Sanlúcar cocktail made with manzanilla, and also where to find it.

Contact the bodega directly to arrange your visit.

Delgado Zuleta
Avenida de Rocío Jurado
Tel 956 360 543