Bodegas Lustau

The power of social media. I had mentioned on Lustau’s Instagram that I was interested in visiting their bodega and they suggested I leave my phone number on a private Twitter message (DM). Which was then seen by Lustau’s brand manager Federico Sánchez-Pece, who remembered meeting me at a sherry event in Sevilla … and that’s how he ended up calling me to invite me on this very special tour!

The company was founded in 1896, and acquired by Luis Caballero in 1990. Sherry production was only transferred to the bodega we visited in 2000, and extensive renovation was carried out, including the restoration of the “albero” floors that maintain the humidity inside the buildings. Also interesting to learn that the names La Ina (the Fino sherry) and Botaina (the Amontillado derived from it) have different origins, and that the casks in which lower quality wines are aged before being distilled into the spirit used to fortify the sherry are the ones sent to Scotland for aging whisky.

Federico was a brilliant teacher. He spent the most time with us, taking us not only through the stages of sherry production, but also through the history of the Lustau family and their business, including insights into the construction of the buildings and explanations about how each bodega has its own special micro-climate. We were fascinated and the time flew by… then suddenly we were in the tasting room and WOW! Federico pretty much poured us a bit of everything to try. We tasted as much as we could manage at that hour of the morning, and enjoyed the aromas of the others. It was definitely a visit to remember.

Lustau offers visits daily in various languages, so just get in touch via their website to set up your own. You’ll love it!

Bodegas Lustau
Calle Arcos, 53
Tel 956 34 15 97