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La Tasca del Pintor Triana

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Since it first opened in 2010 out in the wilds of Los Bermejales, La Tasca del Pintor has garnered a reputation as one of the hip “must eat at” places in Sevilla. Having said that, I knew nothing about their food, nor even the fact that it’s an abacería (kind of a cross between a bar and provisions store). All I knew was that I should be eating there. Like, last week already. Time went by and somehow I never managed to make it out there simply because, if I have to get in a car or on public transit to get to a tapas bar, it almost never happens. So imagine my delight when I saw that a new location had opened up in Triana! I was there in a flash.

I was immediately charmed by the bar itself, which has a nice rustic “pintoresque” ambiance, with snippets of old masters painted pretty much everywhere. Even the chalkboard menu was full of artistic references with tapas such as Capricho de Goya, El Bigote de Velasquez, La Locura del Van Gogh, Sueño de Dalí… the only problem was I had no idea what these were and there was no printed menu with a “translation”.  Which meant our waiter had to come back two or three times to run through the list again. In the end we enjoyed our tapas and the wine (exclusively from Andalucía, and a there’s very good selection) but we were disappointed by the portion sizes, which made what at first looked like very reasonable prices end up not being that great. Our spinach with gambas in carbonera sauce seemed like a bargain at 2.60€ until we got a tiny cazuela that was barely half-full, and the one slice of chicherrón on toast with serena cheese (two bites) cost 3€. Go there for a quick drink and pre-tapeo snack, enjoy a glass of wine and the atmosphere, then move on to eat properly.

Bread Charge: 0€ per person

Ronda de Triana 1
Open 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.30 – midnight
€ € €

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tasca pintor (4)

tasca pintor (6)

tasca pintor menuchalkboard menu

tasca pintor chicherronchicherrón de Cádiz, serena cheese and roasted peppers

tasca pintor lomo jerezlomo al jerez with tomato

tasca pintor papastimbale of potato, tomato and mozzarella

tasca pintor spinachspinach and prawns in carbonara sauce

tasca pintor (2)

tasca pintor (3)

tasca pintor (5)

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