Taberna Chani

chaniThis terrific family-run bar is a true “hidden gem” just on the southern edge of Nervión, not far from the San Bernardo train station. You can sit at the bar, in the dining room or outside on the small sidewalk terrace. We chose the bar on this occasion and, as is almost always the case with cosy tapas bars like this, it proved to be a good choice as I ended up chatting with my “neighbours” on either side. Upon learning this was my first visit they had me try some of their tapas and I loved that they were so enthusiastic about the food that they wanted to share!

Although Taberna Chani specialises in fish and seafood they also do some nice grilled meat dishes. A foray into the more “exotic” (the yakisoba) proved less successful, but we loved the traditional dishes and also the trad-with-a-twist ones such as the red prawn “meatballs” in a gorgeous seta sauce. Service at the bar was very friendly and we were offered personal recommendations by the owner’s daughter Almudena. Can’t wait to go back.

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Espinosa y Carcel 43-45
Tel. 954 663 809
Open 12.00 – 17.00 / 20.00 – midnight
Sunday 12.00 – 17.00
€ € €

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chani chalkboard
chani marinated food
chani manzanilla

chani sardinasmarinated sardine fillets from Cádiz

chani carabinera albondigascarabinera (red prawn) “meatballs” in mushroom sauce

chani gambas blancasgambas blancas (white prawns)

chani tuna escabechehomemade tuna in escabeche

chani boqueronesboquerones fritos

chani tuna cheekgrilled fresh tuna cheek (almadraba)

chani grilled beefgrilled beef

chani yakisobayakisoba

chani ownerAlmudena and her father Chani

rafa cari javi chani almudenafamily affair… Rafa (son-in-law) Cari (mother) Javi (son)
Chani (father) Almudena (daughter)

chani bar
chani sign
chani dining room
chani dining area

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