Taberna de Pasos Largos

Updated October 2017

This taberna, named after the last of the bandits who roamed the Ronda mountain range, specialises in Ibérico pork from the same region. There are old photos and news reports of Pasos Largos (aka José Mingolla Gallardo 1873-1934) on the walls, and the bar’s decor is reminiscent of a typical tavern of that time, but with a clever use of the classic straw window blinds (esterones) which here slide on frames across the floor-to-ceiling windows instead of being rolled up.

There’s comfortable seating on either side of the long bar, but I prefer being perched on a bar stool where I can check out the cooking action by chef Pepe in the open kitchen. You can’t complain about a generous portions of perfectly grilled pork loin and foie gras, or secreto Ibérico. And I have also found my new favourite carrillada here – exquisite. Also the very best – and possibly the only – twice-fried chips in town. Check the daily specials on the chalkboard, and definitely try the arroz del día, available weekends at lunchtime. There’s a very friendly neighbourhood feel to the place and it’s easy to find yourself chatting away with the regulars at the bar.

Also check the Taberna’s Facebook page for details about monthly flamenco shows.

Bread Charge: 0€

Feria 117
Tel. 633 721 794
Open: 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.00 – midnight
Closed Sunday evening and Monday
€ € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 8 | Ambiance 8

open kitchen

chalkboard menu

pasos largos photo photo of the bandit Pasos Largos

pasos largos chipstwice-fried chips

pasos largos garbanzoscocido with garbanzos and green beans

pasos largos pringapringá

pasos largos onioin souponion soup with mozzarella crouton

oxtail croquettes

revuelto: scrambled eggs with potatoes and cod

pasos largos asparagusgrilled white asparagus with chopped egg and vinaigrette

braised artichokes with jamón

grilled secreto Ibérico with chips and grilled tomato

abanico Ibérico

pasos largos presagrilled presa Ibérica

pasos largos boletusboletus confitado

pasos largos morcillagrilled morcilla de burgos

pasos largos auberginestuffed aubergine (mince, bechamel, cheese)

rice with artichokes and pork

pasos largos bulltailstewed bull tail

Ibérico pork meatballs

pasos largos beef burgermini beef burger “maki” with brie cheese

              pasos largos flamenquinflamenquín

pasos largos cabrales croquetascabrales and walnut croquettes

pasos largos duck confitconfit duck leg

pasos largos tuna bellygrilled tuna belly (ventresca)

bacalao with stewed peppers

grilled beef with foie gras and patatas confitadas

pasos largos lamb ribsgrilled lamb ribs

pasos largos carrilladabraised pork cheeks (carrillada) with brandy, PX and red wine

pasos largos (1)co-owners Paco Fernández & chef Pepe Luna

barman Isidro

Pepe & Paco

pasos largos newspaper

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Updated October 2017