Updated April 2017

Miguel Bauzano (front of house) and Luis Bonet (chef) have been running Panrallao, one of Sevilla’s first “gastrobars”, since 2011. On a recent day trip to Nervión (okay, it’s not really THAT far from the centre) I realized that the last time I’d been to Panrallao was in 2013, so I decided to stop in and see how it was doing. The menu hasn’t changed much and I recognized some of the dishes I’d previously enjoyed here: carrillada with setas, served over a fragrant herb potato purée, sous vide bacalao with migas and morcilla, and octopus in rinran sauce.  I was sorry to see the presa Ibérica in manteca with crispy onions was gone, but anyhow, I was there to try something new.

Unfortunately the cilantro mayo that accompanied the fried potatoes tasted nothing of cilantro, and the mini-burger of presa & sausage, while very tasty, was also super-mini. We fared better with the carrillada kebab, which was both delicious and filling. The wine list remains interesting with several reasonably priced options by the glass, and the décor is still bright and charming. It was a shame that Miguel was too busy to attend to us because our waiter was so unfriendly that it will probably be another four years before I return.

Bread/Service Charge: 1€ per table

Divino Redentor 5
Tel. 955 293 206
Open 13.30 – 16.45 / 20.30 – 23.30 Tuesday – Saturday
13-30 – 16.45 Sunday
€ € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 5 | Ambiance 7

panrallao berenjenasfried aubergine with cheese sauce

panrallao steak tartaresteak tartare

fried potatoes with “cilantro” mayo

grilled octopus with oyster sauce and rin-ran (potato-cumin purée)

carrillada kebab with citronella yoghurt

squid risotto with ink

presa Ibérica in manteca with crispy veg on top

carrillada Ibérica with setas and herb potato purée

presa & sausage mini burger

panrallao bacalaobacalao confitado served with migas and morcilla

panrallao cookiesfreshly baked chocolate chunk cookies with hot white chocolate

co-owners Miguel Bauzano and chef Luis Bonet (photo from 2011)

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Updated April 2017