Las Golondrinas

Updated: November 2017

Not kidding – you must try the radishes! I have no idea what makes them so amazing, and I have never seen radishes offered as a tapa anywhere else (other than the other Las Golondrinas), but they are totally delish. Also delicious grilled mushroom caps filled with garlic and parsley alioli and excellent puntas de solomillo served on fresh bread.

The bar is smallish and there is also a small mezzanine dining area.  This original location, with its charming rustic ambiance and wonderful hand-painted Triana tiles everywhere, was founded by the parents of Paco Arcas. Paco has since opened a second location around the corner and has left  this bar in the capable hands of his son Pepe, though there is a fair bit of toing-and-froing between staff at both bars. A wonderful family-run establishment with great homestyle cooking.

Bread Charge: 0€

c/Antillano Campos, 26
Tel 954 33 16 26
Open: 13.00  16.00 / 20.30 – midnight
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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 7 | Ambiance 9


golondrinas (bar)

golondrinas cheesecheese and wine

golondrinas bandarillasbandarillas


golondrinas punta solomillopunta de solomillo

spicy pork pinchito

golondrinas-chipisgrilled chiperones (squid)

grilled salmon and mushrooms filled with parsley alioli

img_4467grilled swordfish

golondrinas champisgrilled mushrooms close-up

las-golondrinas-3caballita (fried jamón on deep-fried bread)

golondrinas bar the bar


golondrinas virgin

golondrinas bathroom beautifully tiled bathroom

las-golondrinas-4Raisa (R) and kitchen team


Pepe & Luis

golondrinas upstairs (1)

golondrinas upstairs (2)upstairs diningroom

golondrinas upstairs (3)



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Updated November 2017