La Moneda

Updated September 2016


Tucked away just behind the main post office on Avenida de la Constitución, this is a wonderful family-run neighbourhood bar for fabulous fish and seafood dishes. It’s also just around the corner from one of Sevilla’s most expensive seafood restaurants, La Isla, but frankly you’ll eat just as well here for much less, and you’ll also get much friendlier service. I love the new “lighter” look of the place after recent renovations.

The house speciality is sopa de galera, not for the squeamish (actually quite tasty but I find galeras kinda creepy). Other favourite dishes are the swordfish in manzanilla sauce, grilled sea bass with pear alioli, garlicky coquinas… there are also daily specials, including such rare treats as percebes (goose barnacle) in season. For those who prefer “turf” try the tender stewed pork cheeks or grilled beef. Tapas are served at the bar and on the terrace, raciones (larger plates) at the tables in the dining room.

Almirantazgo 4
(El Postigo)
Tel. 95 422 36 42
Open: 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.30 – midnight
Closed Sundays
€ € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 8 | Ambiance 8


la moneda arroz gambas clams monkfishrice with prawns, clams & monkfish

chocos (cuttlefish) with garbanzos

swordfish in sherry sauce

la moneda langostines bechamelbreaded langostines in bechamel

moneda-hake-aliolibreaded hake with tartar sauce

la moneda salmorejosalmorejo with jamón and egg

deep-fried pez araña with “calamares del campo”

la moneda tortillitacrispy fried tortillitas de camarones (shrimp fritters)

la moneda salmonetasfried salmonetes

carrillada (stewed pork cheeks)

la moned pringapringá montadito

moneda-tunatuna belly with soy mayo

la moneda matrimoniomatrimonio: anchovy and boquerón with salmorejo

grilled corvina (sea bass) with pear alioli

mixed grilled seafood/veggie platter

choco (cuttlefish) meatballs in tomato sofrito

salpicón de mariscos (marinated seafood salad)

tuna “a la Portuguesa” (tangy tomato sauce)

grilled acedias (small sole)

moneda-bacalaobreaded cod with garlicky sobrehusa sauce

sopa de galeras – a house speciality
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garlicky coquinas

steamed percebes (goose barnacle)

moneda-chef-jorgechef Jorge

moneda-teamJosé Manuel, owner Isidro, chef Jorge, José Antonio, Guillermo

moneda-diningdining area


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Updated September 2016