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Cañabota is the name of a small grey shark that inhabits the deep waters off the Galician coast. It is also the name of the latest project by Juanlu Fernández (previously of Binomio and La Pepona fame) and it’s easy to see that this is his dream come true. The clean bright space brings to mind a stylish white-tiled “pescadería” with an eye-catching seafood display, a long bar facing the open kitchen, and tall tables with stools running along a wall of windows. For me, the bar is the place to be 1) because it has comfortable low chairs and 2) to watch “the show” (of course).

Seafood is the star attraction here and the attention to quality is obvious. The menu has been evolving since Cañabota first opened in October 2016, and there is now more focus on keeping it strictly seasonal, so Juanlu’s famous marinated sardines – nobody does them better – can now only be enjoyed during late spring and summer. But in its place is an exquisite swordfish on toast with roasted garlic and truffle, making it easy to wait. Below you will see photos of dishes from previous seasons as well as this one (autumn-winter 2017), along with some daily specials, so while you may not find some of these on the present menu there will be something else equally delicious. Recent favourites include the spicy broth with tempura fish and gorgeously fresh white prawn tartare.

Whatever the season, there is a very well-thought out selection of seafood tapas and daily specials (the latter sold by weight), and meat lovers can enjoy char-grilled Simmental beef. A short dessert list completes the menu. The wines have been carefully chosen by Juanlu and it’s an excellent list indeed – be sure to ask the staff for pairing recommendations. And oh… the staff. It would be difficult to find a better trained, personable and dedicated bunch than the Cañabota team.

The restaurant is almost always fully-booked so be sure to reserve well in advance.

Bread/Service Charge: 1.50€ PER PERSON

Orfila 3
Tel 954 870 298 / 690 876 523
Open 13.30 – 16.00 / 20.00 – 22.30
Monday – Saturday
€ € € €

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Food 10 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 9





canabota-cocktail“solid cocktail” Hidalgo fino, Lustau vermouth, trout roe, orange zest

canabota-ostrasgrilled oysters with toasted butter and artemia

canabota-sardinasTHOSE sardines
swordfish on toast with roasted garlic and truffle


canabota-higadoscod liver salad on mushroom slivers, baby spinach and lettuce,
fish emulsion and spicy vinegar

canabota-tostaonion cracker topped with larded tuna, grated manteca

spicy broth with tempura fish and fresh veg


canabota-navajasrazor clams topped with pancetta and warm salsa verde

canabota-parmentiersquid ink potato parmentier with cuttlefish roe and chipirón

canabota-chipi-rellenoseafood-stuffed chipirones


canabota-gambonGAMBÓN wrapped in seaweed, topped with pig trotter sauce

white gamba tartare

canabota-corvinasea bass with confit black trumpet mushrooms and fish emulsion

breaded fried skate

canabota-limonclever lemon meringue “pie”



canabota-teamAngelica, Diego, Miguel, Marcos (head chef),
Juanlu (owner, front of house), Rafa (sous chef) Adrián

house pescadero Pepe (also Juanlu’s father)



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Updated December 2017