Ros Grill

Ros Grill is a new self-service restaurant that offers terrific value for money. House wine and beer are just 1€ per glass and a bottle of house red (rioja cosecha) is 5.95€. The menu is short: salads & starters, grilled chicken & meat dishes, and desserts. And the portions are very generous. Compared to a “gourmet mini burger” I had at a new gastrobar recently, the Iberian pork burger at Ros Grill is about three times the size for the same price (3.95€), and franky, just as good, served with some quite decent chips. You order and pay at the bar, then collect your cutlery and condiments (nice selection of sauces) and bring them to your table. Food is brought to your numbered table and then you repeat the process if you want anything else.

The restaurant is pleasantly decorated and the bar staff is friendly and helpful.

Cuna 14
Tel 954 217 522
Open 13.00 – 00.30 Monday – Saturday / 13.00 – 17.00 Sunday
(kitchen closed 16.30 – 20.30)
€ €

Iberian pork burger

pork churrasco

condiments & cutlery

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One Response to Ros Grill

  1. Juan Jurado says:

    El peor servicio que jamás me han dado en un bar-restaurante. Tardaron una hora en empezar a servirnos los platos. Cuando vimos que faltaban algunos nos dijeron que se les habían acabado los platos… apenas sí quedaba un tercio de la carta. Tardaron casi otra hora en terminar de servirnos. La sorpresita, en la cuenta uno de los platos que no habíamos consumido porque no llegaron a servirnos.
    No vuelvo ni de coña, y lo siento porque las camareras eran simpáticas y la carne se cocina bien -aunque muy poco hecha.

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