Cafetería Donald

Updated September 2017

You would probably walk by the curiously named Cafetería Donald without a second glance, as I did for years before a friend introduced me to this taurino-themed tapas bar that serves up award-winning Eiriz jamones and fresh fish brought in daily from Huelva. My favourite spot is at the bar, but you can also choose between the small sidewalk terrace or upstairs dining room. The homespun tapas are delish (and all cost 3€), the service fast and professional, and the ambiance lively and fun.

First opened in 1973, the Donald is now owned and run by former waiter Mariano García, who took over after the original owner retired in 1987, and boasts three generations of loyal clientele including well-known bullfighters and other celebrities. And the name? When I asked Mariano “why Cafetería Donald?” and was told that it had actually been called Bar Donald Duck by the original owner until he was threatened with legal action for not paying royalties. Which only sort of answered the question, but it did explain the Donald Duck tie…

Canalejas 5
tel. 954227252 / 954218195
Open 12.00 – midnight
Summer Hours: 12.00 – midnight
All Day Kitchen
€ € €

orange orange orange
Food 7 | Wine 6 | Service 7 | Ambiance 6

the menu

jamón Ibérico

boquerones al vinagre

salpicón de mariscos (seafood salad)

fideos marineros (seafood noodles)

grilled swordfish with garic and parsley sauce

grilled chicken breast with alioli

pork, jamón and cheese flamenquín

spinach with garbanzos

fried pijotas


pork kidneys in sherry sauce

stewed tuna in tomato sauce

beef meatballs

grilled beef entrecote

fresh fish display

award-winning Eiriz jamones

barmen Juan, Javi & Pedro

chef Paco

owner Mariano García

upstairs dining room

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orange orange orange
Updated September 2017

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