Casa Moreno

Updated April 2017

It took me almost 18 years to finally go into Sevilla’s oldest and best loved ultramarinos/abacería (grocery store) and tapas bar, Casa Moreno. Well okay, not entirely true. I’d walked in a couple of times but it felt so intimate and so SPANISH – like I had stepped through a portal to the 1940s – that I felt too obviously a  guiri to comfortably stay. But I needn’t have worried. From the first time I sat at the end of the long crowded bar I was made to feel right at home.  The people are so friendly and welcoming, and the food is excellent quality. These days I am torn about telling others about Casa Moreno because I’d like to keep it as my own, but it’s probably already too late for that.

I should point out that, as at all abacerías, the tapas are made from things that you can buy in the store – there is no full kitchen (in fact the entire “kitchen” here consists of a toaster oven). So it’s mostly excellent quality cured meats and cheeses and various high-end tinned goods (anchovies from Cantabria, duck mousse…), though there are also a few pre-prepared foods like tortilla and stews (stews are only available at lunchtime). It’s a great place for breakfast, a light snack, or to start off your evening tapeo. Lovely charming clutter everywhere, lots of tauromaquia memorabilia, stacks of tins and boxes, baskets of legumes … and an impressive list of wines by the glass, including frosty cold manzanilla La Gitana on tap.

Bread Charge: 0€

Gamazo 7
Tel. 954 22 83 15
Open 8.30 – 15.30 / 18.00 – 22.30
Closed Saturday evenings and all day Sunday
€ € €

orange orange orange orange orange
Food 9 | Wine 9 | Service 10 | Ambiance 10

co-owners Francisco & Carmen

Emilio & tortilla

Sonia’s hair

tortilla with chorizo and melted cheese
queso cabrales (blue goat’s cheese)
morcilla de higado (liver sausage)

jamón ibérico and caña de lomo


moreno anchovies cabralesanchovies and cabrales blue cheese

moreno lomo mantecalomo en manteca

moreno tortillatortilla “diseño” with melted cheese & chorizo piquante

moreno mojamamojama (cured tuna)

morcilla artesana and morcón

moreno salchichónsalchicha

moreno (3)

moreno lomo manteca chorizolomo en manteca with chorizo piquante (swoon!)

moreno (2)lomo en manteca with fino

moreno tuna solomillotuna loin with evoo

cabrales with chorizo picante

moreno ambienteambiente!

moreno sonia migueSonia & Migue

moreno aceite

moreno cabrales morcillacabrales and spicy morcilla (black pudding)

moreno anchoasmoked sardine with salmorejo

smoked palometa with fresh cheese
sliced turkey breast with duck mousse

moreno palometa cabralespalometa and cabrales cheese

spicy chorizo and lomo al jerez with brie

moreno breakfast tostadasselection of breakfast tostadas (available 8.30 – noon)

Emilio & Sonia

it’s been a pleasure…

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orange orange orange orange orange

Updated April 2017

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