Updated May 2013


Tradevo is a place I have tried to like, and to be honest the food is mostly good. But I have been put off twice now by inattentive, bordering on rude, service. For the price, the food is just about okay. But it’s hard to overlook being overlooked. If it had been a one-off maybe, but twice…?

Anyhow, nice fish fritos. A short menu, with daily specials. And nice wines. But the service…

Bread/Service Charge: 1€ PER PERSON

Plaza Pintor Amalio García del Moral 2
Tel 626 25 55 73
Open 13.30 – 16.30 / 20.30 – midnight Tuesday – Saturday
13.30 – 16.30 Sunday
€ € € €

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Food 9 | Wine 10 | Service 5 | Ambiance 9

boqueronesboquerones fritos

grilled scallop on noodlesgrilled scallop on noodles

tradevo atungrilled tuna belly

tradevo chipisgrilled chipirones

tradevo cochinillocochinillo with potato purée

tradevo firtosfritos variados

tradevo plaque

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Updated May 2013

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