La Sal

Updated November 2017

This charming “taberna” is run by Charo Alvarez, whose family also has a restaurant in Zahara de los Atunes, both of which specialise in dishes made from tuna “Almadraba” caught off the Cádiz coast. Perfect for tunaholics as there are many tapas and main dishes featuring tuna, but the menu also includes a variety of salads, beef (el retinto), fish and rice dishes. The “atún morillo a la sal” and risotto de ortuguillas are not to be missed.

Over the past few years La Sal has been a constant winner in the annual Ruta de Atún tapas competition held in Zahara de los Atunes during the Almadraba season. Be sure to try at least a couple of these (they are clearly marked on the menu). The plastic “bento box” selection of 6 perfect tuna bites is, well, perfect. And the McDraba Around The World – a tribute to the migration route of the bluefin tuna – is both surprising and delicious.

There is a nice selection of wines by the glass and the service is very good. Even if you are just stopping by for a couple of tapas you get the rare treat of tablecloths, linen napkins and well-polished glasses. The restaurant itself is beautifully restored. Wonderful ambiance.

Bread/Service Charge: 1.50€ PER PERSON

Doncellas, 8
Tel 954 535 846
Open: 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.00 – midnight
€ € € €

Urb. Atlanterra Playa, 73
Zahara de los Atunes

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Food 9 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 9


tuna tataky topped with braised cabbage in light soya sauce

salmorejo with mojama and seaweed-infused olive oil
ajoblanco with smoked herring and trout roe

cured tuna on toast

marinated sardines on toast

calamar tartare with citric and green pepper vinaigrette

Bottom: cold bites
tuna loin tataky with soya sauce and leek
tuna tartar with green sesame, wasabe and onion
tuna al romero (rosemary) with confit peppers and orange olive oil
Top: hot bites and “dessert”
solomillo “a la sal”, wrapped in seaweed
tuna sperm with Lustau East India cream sauce
crunchy mojama wrapped in chocolate

Mcdraba por El Mundo
tramezzino bread from Italy, Mediterranean white garlic,
bluefin tuna from Zahara de los Atunes with French onions,
sesame and wasabi oil in the form of a mini hamburger,
Japanese wakame seaweed with chive oil,
fried seaweed of the Cadiz estuaries, sea lettuce,
Mexican crunchy red pepper and crispy Barbate mojama,
finished with a seaweed oil ‘oleum viride’, made in Cádiz

tuna loin in manteca Ibérica

la sal arroz galeterice with “galete” (tuna cheek)

ortiguilla (sea anemone) risotto with parmesan and oloroso

tuna in tempura with bonita flakes

grilled tuna morillo

morrillo de atún a la sal (tuna collar baked in salt) with Asian noodles

leche frita with dulce de leche icecream

Antonio (front of house) and owner Charo Álvarez

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Updated November 2017

2 thoughts on “La Sal

  1. Hello,

    We had a diner in your restaurant a few weeks ago, which was very good!
    And also the wine was very good. Could you give us the name of the red house wine you serve? The etiquette had the color green I think.

    I hope you can help me!
    Thank you!

    Kind regards,
    Sander from Holland

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