Las Golondrinas II

Updated August 2017

One of my favourites that would definitely be in my Top Ten list, if I ever made such a list. This second location of the very popular Las Golondrinas opened in 2007, just around the corner from the original Triana bar, started by owner Paco Arca’s father. These days Paco and his son Carlos take care of both bars.

This location has a more modern look to it and is also a bit bigger, with an upstairs mezzanine dining area serving raciones. There is also a small section of tables downstairs for tapas, but the best location is sitting or standing at the bar. I love the bustle and, even when super crowded, which it often is, the service is fast and friendly.

The food here is just as fabulous as at the original Golondrinas, possibly better. It’s simple, traditional fare and most tapas are around 2.50€, which is excellent value. Favourites include the carrillada (stewed pig’s cheeks), the grilled mushrooms with parsley alioli, and the simply sensational grilled punta de solomillo (Iberian pork sirloin). And yes, you really must try the radishes.

Bread Charge: 0€

c/ Pages del Corro 76
Tel 954 33 82 35
Open 12.30 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight
€ € €
Vegetarian friendly

orange orange orange orange orange
Food 10 | Wine 10 | Service 8 | Ambiance 9

best damn radishes in town

golondrinas mixed vegmixed marinated veg and olives

golondrinas 2 caña lomocaña de lomo Ibérica

golondrinas chipi

golondrinas 2 chipischipirones – small grilled squid with garlic and parsley

courgette au gratin filled with tomato, onion, peppers and prawns

smoked sardine and tomato on toast

golondrinas 2 vicenteVicente with LOTS of champis

golondrinas champi grilled mushrooms (champis) topped with parsley alioli

arroz de la casa (weekends and holidays at midday only)

pisto with bacalao

golondrinas navajasgrilled razor clams (navajas)

carne mechada

caballito – fried jamón on bread (with punta solomillo)

grilled entrecôte with potatoes, salad and sauces

tender stewed carrilladas (pig’s cheeks)

grilled duck breast

bacalao confitado (salt cod)

golondrinas 2 puntas grilled punta de solomillo (pork tenderloin) on fresh bread

golondrinas grilled presagrilled presa Ibérica

grilled abanico Ibérico (pork)

the Las Golondrinas team (May 2015)
Vicente, Antonio, Paco (owner), Cesar, Ruben, Lourdes, Yuni, Yandi & Wendy

co-owner Carlos Arcas (centre) with barmen

golondrinas 2 (1)owner Paco Arcas out in his ‘hood (Triana)

downstairs tapas area

upstairs dining area (seen from bar)

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updated August 2017

6 thoughts on “Las Golondrinas II

  1. I want some squid!

    what do the ‘best’ radishes taste like? are they hotter than usual or are they mild ones? I think I prefer just a little bite, more of a surprise tang.

  2. The radishes are both mild and hot, nursemyra, so they keep you guessing. Just dressed with high quality olive oil and sprinkled with coarse sea salt – simply delicious.

    Just a cheap point & shoot Casio, cj.

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  4. We are bringing a group to Sevilla in June 2018. I am interested in booking a dinner at one of your restaurants (preferable the Triana location). There will be 34 people attending the event on Tuesday, June 5th time to be determined. We would be interested in having a per person price for the tapas for a set time (maybe 2 hours) and each person would be responsible for purchasing their own drinks. Is this something that you could accommodate.
    William Hamar
    Vision Trave

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