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About 20-something years ago this was one of the special treat places I used to go for affordable and good quality grilled meats and other dishes. And it’s just a stone’s throw from where I live now. But while it’s still a “cheap & cheerful” spot, and the menu hasn’t changed much, Coloniales was bought out many years ago and has lost a lot of its heart. The house specialities still include the ‘tablas’ which are thick cut slices of toasted country bread with a variety of toppings, such as salmorejo with jamón serrano and quail eggs. Other popular favourites are the various solomillo (grilled pork tenderloin) tapas that are offered with a variety of sauces – ‘al whisky’, roquefort, ‘a la castellana’.

The food is basic and good value for money if you are fond of potatoes. It seems to be very popular with students these days. The terrace facing the square fills up fast, but you can write your name on the chalkboard waiting list and have a drink at the bar while you wait for a table.

Bread Charge: 0.60€

Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 19
Tel. 954 501 137
Open: 13.00 – 16.30 / 20.00 – midnight
€ € €

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Food 5 | Wine 4 | Service 4 | Ambiance 4

coloniales 1 cruzcampo

coloniales 1 barthe bar

coloniales 1 wine


coloniales 1 calamares campocalamares del campo (fried peppers and onions)

coloniales 1 tabla jamontabla with salmorejo and jamón

coloniales 1 plumagrilled secreto

coloniales plumapluma Ibérica

coloniales 1 punta roquefortpunta de solomillo (pork tenderloin) with roqueforte sauce

coloniales churrascochurrasco with mojo picón sauce

coloniales 1 meatmeat platter: presa, hamburger and solomillo

coloniales (2)

coloniales (1)

coloniales 1 cheesecakecheesecake

coloniales 1 dining roomdining room

coloniales 1 chalkboardspecials and waiting list

coloniales 1 sign

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Updated: February 2015

7 thoughts on “Los Coloniales

  1. My favorite place in Sevilla…

    The “lomo de buey” is fantastic and really good value for money!!!

    Great Site – high quality work!!!!!!!


  2. The menu at the new place is exactly the same, and so is the quality and also the prices. I thought having a more central location next to the cathedral might put the prices up, but it hasn’t – at least not so far.

    Do you live in Sevilla, João?

  3. Myself, my wife, and two other couples just got back from a four week trip to Spain and Portugal. We ate at Los Coloniales at the suggestion of the concierge at our hotel.
    It was the worst meal, and the worst service that we experienced during our entire trip. We asked if they had room for six inside and they said yes. Then they proceed to put us at a table that would have been too small for four people, and right by the kitchen door. As if that were not bad enough the waitress insisted that it would be better if SHE decided what to bring us so that it would fit on the table. I’m so angry about this that I will continue to post this on as many travel web sites as I can.
    And by the way… the food was terrible.

  4. What a shame you had such a bad experience, Nelson. It’s also a shame your concierge didn’t know enough to advise you to get there early.
    Better luck next time!

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