Enrique Becerra

Updated February 2018

One of my favourites, where you can find traditional Andalusian dishes prepared with local market fresh ingredients, under the careful eye of third generation restaurateur and author of cookbooks, food & wine guides (and mystery novels!) Enrique Becerra.

As well as fabulous tapas there’s an excellent selection of wines – especially sherries – by the glass. Staff are professional without being stuffy, and are great at recommending interesting food and wine pairings. Some of my favourite dishes are the asparagus flamenquín (breaded & fried rolled pork with asparagus & cheese inside) garlicky grilled strips of beef  “Señor Marquéz”, and filo-wrapped salt cod with ajoblanco.

Since expanding the downstairs tapas area to include both the bar and (ex) dining room, tapas have become more prominent and the tapas menu is more innovative and varied. Be sure to check the daily specials. There are also two dining rooms upstairs and, if you prefer the restaurant menu downstairs, no problem. Your table will set for full restaurant service.

Bread Charge: 0€

Gamazo, 2
tel. 954 213 049
Open 13.00 – 16.00 / 20.00 – midnight
Closed Sunday evening
Bar € € €
Restaurant € € € €

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Food 9 | Wine 9 | Service 9 | Ambiance 8

becerra bar

becerra stairs

ajo blanco (cold garlic and almond soup)

bacon-wrapped langostines in sherry sauce

fried courgette flowers filled with tuna and tomato

becerra pavia boqueronespavías de boquerones

braised asparagus with jamón

tender stewed carrillada (pig’s cheeks)

becerra windows

asparagus flamenquín

becerra bacalao salt cod in filo pastry served with ajoblanco & almonds

grilled goat cheese with caramalised onion

becerra sherryEnrique choosing sherry pairings for us

baby eels on toast with alioli

Enrique’s son Javier

becerra brainsfried lamb brains

oxtail burger with tartar sauce

grilled beef tenderloin “Señor Marquez” with garlic

broadbeans (habas) with butifarra and fried quail egg

becerra prawn chipi brochetagrilled prawn & chipirone (squid) brochette

pastry filled with mixed wild mushrooms and langostines

lamb meatballs with mint sauce

 grilled morcilla de burgos (black pudding with rice) with quail egg

becerra carne tomatecarne (pork) con tomate

Enrique Becerra

selection of cookbooks written by Enrique

becerra pillar

becerra tapas tables

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Updated February 2018

8 thoughts on “Enrique Becerra

  1. The food is great, the waiters have to be the most unhappy group of people I’ve ever seen – the owner is very firendly with thte Spanish patrons – the head waiter pretends that English does not not exist – great food – served by waiters chewings on lemons! Smile for Christs sake!

  2. Hi Mark – we’ve certainly had quite different experiences with the waiters there. 🙂

    To me all the staff are very warm and welcoming and have always treated me like ‘family’. And when I started this blog they were all keen to get in on the act and have their photos taken (all smiling). I’ve yet to meet the owner, which is curious considering the number of times I’ve been there.

  3. To Mark:

    Hi Mark. I’m Enrique Becerra, the owner ot the restaurant. Excuse me my elemental english. Reading your commentary i has been the impression that you are talking about another place, because one of the best atractive things of my restarant is the service; but, everybody has a bad day and, probably, you have enter in one of those.

    I want to invite you to repeat the visit and say that you are Mark just at the end of the meal. The bill, of course wil be free.

    Best regards.
    Enrique Becerra.

  4. Hi Enrique!

    Thanks for stopping by. The comment you replied to was made four years ago so not sure if Mark is still reading. And, reading my reply to Mark, it was also before I met you! Which I think happened shortly afterwards.

    I wonder if now you’ll have all kinds of people showing up saying that they are Mark. 😉

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