Panepanna Rice Workshop

Anna Mayer (centre) hosts a variety of cooking classes at her home in Sevilla. The one I attended yesterday was all about rice and featured three dishes: supplì, pilaf and risotto. Her classes are totally “hands on”, very informative and relaxed. Attendees not only get to sample their dishes at the lunch that follows the class, but there is also enough left over for them to take home in plastic containers provided by Anna. Below you can see how much fun everyone had  at yesterday’s workshop (click to enlarge)…

Aside from themed classes featuring a particular food item, meal course or cuisine, Anna also gives Spanish cooking classes to visitors and expats … you can choose whether you would like your class in English, Spanish or Italian. You can find more information about Anna’s classes on her Lions and Pancakes blog and also follow her on Twitter as Panepanna.

4 thoughts on “Panepanna Rice Workshop

  1. I had the chance to attend a workshop in Madrid, where Anna taught us how to cook pasta properly. Very laid-back, informative, full of anecdotes and Negronis. I recommend it to everyone looking for fun in the kitchen.


  2. ¡I can’t wait for a Negroni!
    I have never been in one of her classes, but I have been with Anna several times and I can imagine how are her classes 🙂

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