2012 January 31

As you can imagine, I’m often asked to recommend places to stay in Sevilla. Awhile ago I came up with my top 30 hotel picks, but the truth is that when I’m staying somewhere for more than a couple of days I always prefer to rent a holiday apartment. I like having the extra space and a kitchen to make coffee and snacks in. I seldom cook full meals on holiday but it’s nice (and cheaper) to have the option of not eating every meal at a restaurant. Plus most apartments come with washing machines, which is great for longer stays. But mostly I just like being able to “come home” from being out and about and having a comfy livingroom to relax in, rather than having to sit on my hotel bed.

I’ve known the gang at Sevilla 5 for years and can vouch that their apartment selection, and especially their personal service, makes them one of the best in town. I also love their newer “sister site” veoapartment. I mean, just check it out. The apartments are gorgeous, and they are all in the best neighbourhoods (barrios). But what is really impressive is how they have gone to the trouble of not only photographing the apartments, but they’ve also made stylish videos that give you a real feel of the places (much better than those dizzy-making 360º photos). They’ve also made some terrific videos of Sevilla so if you are interested in, say, staying in the Arenal, then you can take a visual stroll through the barrio before deciding whether or not it’s for you. And if you have any questions then the team is on hand to answer them in about a gazillion languages. Which is perhaps the thing I like best about this group – that they are from everywhere and I think this gives them a better insight into what people from everywhere are looking for when they come to Sevilla.

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  1. February 4, 2012

    Agree with you on vacation apartment rentals. Five of us stayed in a gorgeous apartment in the center of Seville for 125 a night. Happy to find your blog!

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